Schools reopen to all kids in Wales today – but only a third can go in at once


SCHOOLS in Wales have reopened to all kids from today – but only a third of them will be allowed to go in at once.

After three months in lockdown all kids will be able to return to their classrooms once again before the summer break.

Pupils playing outside as they return to their first day back of school at Williamstown Primary School, South Wales

Children attend class at Ysgol Hafan Y Mor school

Some authorities are even extending the school term to give kids a bit more time with teachers before the summer break.

Martha, seven, who returned to Roath Park Primary school in Cardiff told the BBC today: “I was a bit nervous but excited. I’m excited to see my friends and Ms Sherlock.”

Headteacher Stephen Garthwaite, of Ysgol y Grango in Wrexham, said teachers had done all they could to make classrooms safe.

But around a quarter won’t be returning yet.

He told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast: “Things are very, very different, it’s not the school we left, so there is a degree of anxiety and apprehension but generally we are very excited to see the pupils again.”

Kids in Scotland will return back in August, and all children across England from September.

Today the UK Government said that parents who don’t send their kids in from the start of the next academic year in September will face fines.

Boris warned them yesterday: “It’s the law.”

Most schools have remained open during the lockdown, but just for the children of key workers.

More have been trickling into schools as lockdown measures have started to be lifted.

Head teacher Vicky Hart-Griffiths washes her hands inside a classroom

Kids got told which way to go with floor signs

Schools on Anglesey will remain closed for now after a coronavirus outbreak at a meat processing factory, and five schools in Blaenau Gwent will remain shut after issues with water supplies.

Schools will be very different for most pupils coming back, as they’ve had to completely reorganise to keep everyone at a distance.

Hand sanitzers will be placed around schools and kids told they must wash their hands more frequently.

Many schools will have stickers on the floor directing when which way to move around the school.

Most schools will have smaller class sizes – and capped at 15.

They will be urged to cycle or walk to school rather than get public transport, too.



Some schools won’t be providing hot dinners either, and parents must give them a packed lunch instead.

In some schools there will be staggered start and end times to make sure that people aren’t congregating at the gates, too.

The Welsh Government said it expects that most pupils will have the chance to go to school at least three times before the summer break.

Today Boris Johnson unveiled a £1billion school building programme for the next decade – with cash to upgrade old buildings too.


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