Shameless Jeremy Corbyn IGNORES anti-Semitism storm against him and tries to distract with another secret document


JEREMY Corbyn has shamelessly IGNORED the anti-semitism storm engulfing him and tried to distract voters with another secret Tory document.

The Labour boss claimed a Treasury dossier exposed the lies behind Boris Johnsons Brexit deal in regards to customs checks on the island of Ireland.

Jeremy Corbyn has ignored the anti-semitism storm engulfing his party and tried to distract with another ‘secret’ document


Mr Corbyn told reporters in central London this morning that the document reveals the government privately admitted that there will be customs declaration checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

In a desperate effort to draw attention away from allegations he was involved in 11 vile acts of jew hate, the leftie-boss added: “We’ve caught Boris Johnson red handed misrepresenting his own Brexit deal.”


But a government source has rubbished the claims by Mr Corbyn.

They told HOAR: “We are committed to no checks on the border.

“Obviously, one can’t say what the Irish government will do, but the British government will not put up any checks on the Irish land border.”


The Equality and Human Rights Commission have been flooded with testimonies from Labour party staff from a range of levels after announcing in May it was investigating the party.
The damning evidence has been drawn together in the Jewish Labour Movements 47-page, 28,000 word submission to the inquiry.

The damning evidence has been drawn together in the Jewish Labour Movements 47-page, 28,000 word submission to the inquiry.

In eleven damning allegations, the submission alleges that Mr Corbyn “has repeatedly associated with, sympathised with an engaged in anti-Semitism”.

The document claims his actions allowed others to get away with it, because the team dealing with the complaints knew Mr Corbyn and senior advisers were “guilty of similar behaviour”.

This includes, before being elected, defending Stephen Sizer, who was disciplined by Church authorities for posting anti-Semitic material online.

It also says the far-left leader wrote the forward to a book which argued that banks and the press were controlled by the Jews.


He also supported self-professed Holocaust denier Paul Eisen, including attending several events hosted by the group he leads.

It also highlights Mr Corbyn’s defence of the anti-Semitic mural by Mear One, which depicts hook-noses bankers playing Monopoly on the backs of the world’s poor.

Another is that in August 2018 Mr Corbyn was forced to apologise after attending an event on Holocaust memorial day entitled “Auschwitz to Gaza: Never Again for Anyone”, during which Israel was compared to the Nazis.

In the same month, a video also emerged of the life-long socialist laying a wreath next to the graves of the Black September terrorists who mutilated and murdered Israeli Olympic athletes.

Mr Corbyn had claimed he was “present but not involved” at the ceremony, only for a video to appear to show otherwise.

They also point out he claimed “Zionists…don’t understand English irony despite having lived in the country”, only to say he didn’t mean it as an offensive word for Jews.

It also lashes out at the leaderships resistance to adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism, and say it was an “encouraging signal” to racist behaviour.

The damning document also points out Mr Corbyn defended Chris Williamson against allegations of anti-Semitism just weeks before he was suspended on those charges.

More than 100 testimonies have come in about both suffering or witnessing anti-Semitism at party events.

Despite Jeremy Corbyns office insisting they had not interfered in cases, one of the whistleblowers claims they were ordered to deliver cases to the leaders office on USB sticks.

They staff member says they were ordered to take complaints directly to Mr Corbyns Commons office and to lie if anyone asked what they are doing.

In the submission, the Jewish Labour Movement asks the EHRC to declare the party institutionally racist.

It says: The partys structures, processes and employees have all contributed to an environment that is profoundly hostile to Jewish members and an organisation that is institutionally antisemitic.

In a further blow to the far-left leader, they also pin the blame heavily on Mr Corbyn.

They say: Since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, he has made the party a welcoming refuge for antisemites.”

Since Mr Corbyn became leader in 2015, he has been dogged by claims the party harbours anti-Semitic activists and campaigners.

Asked about the allegation in an interview during a visit to the Fulbridge Academy in Peterborough, Mr Corbyn replied: “I completely reject that.

“When I became leader of the party there were no processes in place to deal with anti-Semitism.”

Labour MP David Lammy attends a protest calling for Jeremy Corbyn to tackle anti-Semitism


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