Sir Oliver Letwin: The Tory once tricked by burglars who could sink our best chance of Brexit today


BITTER Remainer Oliver Letwin is on-course to delay Brexit further by tabling an amendment on Boris Johnsons deal.

The former Tory minister has been a constant thorn in the side of No10 and todays amendment is by no means the first time he has thrown a spanner in the works.

MP Sir Oliver Letwin is the former Tory minister trying to block Brexit


This afternoon MPs are expected to let the bill “sail through” the Commons – which would ensure Boris Johnson is forced to ask the EU for a three-month extension.

This means any vote on the deal by MPs today would essentially be meaningless.

Sir Oliver said his amendment was an “insurance policy” to ensure the UK could not “crash out” of the EU without a deal on October 31.

He has been an outspoken Brexit critic and has used to Commons to stop us leaving the bloc.

Most recently he helped pushed through a motion in September which allowed Remainer MPs to take control of the Commons and pass the Brexit-blocking Benn Act.

The Act ensured Boris was legally required to go cap in hand to Brussels and beg for a Brexit extension rather than face No Deal.

Sir Oliver was also one of the Tory rebels sacked by Mr Johnson over their decision to vote against the government in a bid to block No Deal.

Despite his efforts to delay proceedings today Sir Oliver has indicated that he will eventually back the PMs Deal.

He was loyal to Theresa Mays withdrawal agreement and voted for it three times in the Commons.


Educated at Eton, Sir Oliver first burst onto the Westminster scene as a member of Margaret Thatchers policy unit in the 1980s.

But it was not all smooth sailing; he laterdevisedthe poll tax, the local-tax policy that eventually toppled Mrs Thatchers administration.

He was elected as Tory MP for West Dorset in 1997 before working his way up the ranks and becoming Shadow Chancellor in 2003.

But not before William Hagues election campaign in 2001 was wrecked after Letwin, a shadow Treasury minister, revealed the partys spending intentions.

A trusted David Cameron ally, he later became the then Prime Minister fixer after playing a key role in drawingup the Tories 2010 election manifesto.


In 2011, Sir Oliver by then Mr Camerons chief policy adviser was photographed dumping top-secret files on terrorism and national security in park bins near Downing Street.

Theresa May was not quite as confident in Letwin as her predecessor and swiftly kicked him off the front bench when he became PM in 2016.

As well as his career gaffes Sir Oliver is also known for another particularly embarrassing incident in his personal life.

He let two men burgle his home in Kennington, South London in 2002.

In the early hours he was confronted by strangers at 5am who asked if they could use his toilet.

Letwin was the genius who dreamed upthe poll tax, that theoretically pure but hopelessly impractical local-tax policy that toppled Mrs Thatcher and managed to get the normally placid British people to riot in Trafalgar Square

Brits protest the poll tax in Trafalgar Square in 1990

Sir Oliver let them in and they quickly searched his house for valuables before running away with a stash of jewellery and the MPs wallet.


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