Smiling Boris Johnson salutes EU leaders in explosion of relief but Merkel not impressed, body language expert reveals


A SMILING Boris Johnson saluted EU leaders today in an”explosion of relief” after sealing a Brexit deal, a body language expert has revealed.

A jubilant PM bounded around the room at the EU Council meeting in Brussels shaking hands and slapping backs this afternoon as they celebrated the breakthrough.

Boris surrounds himself with jubilant EU leaders this afternoon as they celebrated the Brexit breakthrough

There were smiles and laughs all around as the PM greeted his counterparts around the EU.

The victory lap was a complete contrast to Theresa May’s more awkward encounters at some EU summits – where she peered around the room to seek out allies.

Body language expert Judi James told The Sun Online Boris was the “popular guy” today with almost everyone in the room.

She said: “After all the posturing and chest-banging of the negotiations these rituals that Boris performs with the other EU leaders suggests an explosion of relief and celebration.

“Boris is a man who likes to be liked and his smile here reflects intense pleasure, with at least five sunburst wrinkles at the side of each eye suggesting genuine happiness.”


She said his “lap of honour” around the room was a “ritual of victory” for the PM after months of hard work.

“His greeting with Tusk involves a fist raised in a rattling air-punch that seems to say ‘we did it!’”.

The Prime Minister’s greeting with French President Emmanuel Macron – who has repeatedly played hard-ball with the UK over Brexit, was “the most intense”, she said.


Boris saluted Macron this afternoon after a victory lap of the Council room
The pair embraced for an age as they celebrated sealing a Brexit deal
Macron and Boris had a firm handshake for the cameras

“He performs his Benny Hill/Fred Scuttle salute as he claps eyes on the French President before throwing his hand carrying the red folder around Macrons back to pull them together in a hug.

“Macron takes Boriss hand in both of his and performs a prolonged shake that involves a very tight hand squeeze at the end.

Boris clung onto Boris’ hand to “keep him close” while he leant over to kiss the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Judi said this is a technique favoured by ex-US President Bill Clinton to bring world leaders together.


Merkel remained slightly more distant than the others

And no-nonsense Chancellor Merkel continued to play her cards close to her chest.

“A slightly less besotted and more no-nonsense-looking Angela Merkel is the only one not treating Boris like the guy buying all the rounds at the bar later,” she said.


Meanwhile former rival Leo Varadkar was “greeted like a friend” with a “tight-to-the-chest handshake from Boris signalling intense rapport”.

It was only a week ago at the pair had a breakthrough summit in the North of England which put Britain on track for today’s Brexit deal.

Boris laughed and joked with Varadkar like an old pal

And after empty-staging Boris before his emotional speech in Luxembourg last month, Xavier Bettel today appeared to be best buddies with the PM once again.

“Bettel is emphatically keen to signal buoyant friendship with Boris, leaning round his back with a hand held high for an enthusiastic, sawing shake,” said Judi.

“Bettels eye-wrinkled smile is even wider than Boriss and Johnson responds by placing his arm around Bettels shoulders in a partial hug to register closeness and congratulation.”

Boris – seen here with Bettel said he sure MPs would back his deal tonight after EU leaders signed it off
After frosty relations last month, Boris had his arm around the Luxembourg PM
Boris went around the room to embrace and shake hands with all the leaders


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