The public wants General Election Jeremy Corbyn cannot hide from it


Leaves on line

MOST Leavers want Brexit sorted before an early election. Boris Johnson should plough on and get it over the line.

We know he is desperate to crush Corbyn and secure the majority he needs to govern. That is totally understandable. But there is a risk to attempting it before delivering Brexit as he promised.

Boris Johnson is desperate to crush Corbyn and secure the majority he needs to govern

There is a danger too, of course, that Remainers will kill his deal in the next fortnight via fatal amendments. Most Labour moderates in Leave seats cannot be trusted to back it, however much they hope to pull the wool over their constituents eyes.

But the PM can then go to the polls promising that a Tory majority will reverse their tricks and finalise his deal.

As it stands, Labour must agree to any election. And it is truly jaw-dropping to watch them running away, having screamed for so long for the chance to replace the dastardly Tories.

With their ratings in freefall and in mortal fear of Boriss popularity, they concoct ever more ludicrous excuses to dodge a reckoning. It is shredding the last remnants of their credibility.

The public wants an election, by 50 per cent to 23. Labour cannot hide from it.

They are stricken, divided and handicapped by the most unpopular political leader in UK history but they will be seen too as snivelling cowards who put their party before their country.

For the moment, though, Boriss best bet is as his slogan says: to get Brexit done.

Fracking failure

IT is a scandal that the fracking revolution was strangled at birth.

The Whitehall report saying it is years behind schedule doesnt nearly cover the failure.

The Cameron Government buckled and hit fracking firms with regulations making exploration all but impossible

Shale gas could power Britain cheaply for a generation, lower bills and create thousands of jobs. It would be far more eco-friendly than burning coal.

But the Tories lost the PR war against a green social media campaign which terrified the public using debunked and out-of-date US scare stories. Most people know little of fracking except that they are meant to despise and fear it.

The Cameron Government could have pushed back hard. Instead it buckled and hit fracking firms with regulations making exploration all but impossible.

What a calamitous missed opportunity.

Truck horror

IT is impossible to imagine the terrifying ordeal of the 39 migrants who died in a refrigerated truck.

A murder probe has been launched after police found 39 migrants who died in a refrigerated truck

Or the trauma suffered by the police who found them. Our hearts go out to them all.

And we recoil at the evil and greed of the traffickers who have profited from this appalling tragedy.

The only comfort is that there is every chance, from the details already known, that they will be brought to justice.


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