Tory frontbencher James Brokenshire suggests hed have no problem eating US acid-washed chicken


TORY frontbencher James Brokenshire yesterday suggested he would have no problem eating US acid-washed chicken, amid a row over whether it should be let into Britain.

The Security Minister who famously has four ovens in his kitchen suggested he could chomp on the treated meat if health chiefs were to give it the OK.

Security Minister James Brokenshire suggested he would have no problem eating US acid-washed chicken

Quizzed by LBCs Nick Ferrari, he said: I may well have eaten it in the past when Ive been in America.

We have some of the highest standards in the world around all of this, whether it be the EU or whether it be the Americans.

I will take the advice Im not a food expert.

It comes after Environment Secretary George Eustice refused to guarantee American chlorinated chicken will be banned in post-Brexit Britain.

Back in 2017 Boris Johnson was snapped drinking peach juice from Fukushima to prove it was safe after the citys nuclear meltdown.

While in 1990 Tory minister John Gummer fed his daughter Cordelia a burger in front of the cameras during the first outbreak of the BSE crisis.

Some have warned that America will demand Britain lifts its ban on chlorinated chicken as the price for a US trade deal.

Ministers have insisted they do not want to lower animal welfare standards after Brexit.


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