Tory peer urges Brits to EAT grey squirrels to help curb their numbers


A TORY peer is pushing a nutty way to get rid of pesky grey squirrels eat them.

The Earl of Home is calling for ministers to make it illegal to feed the furry pests to curb their numbers and to stop them destroying trees.

The Earl of Home revealed he has eaten squirrels and urged Brits to do so as well
The Tory peer also called for a feeding ban to stop the rodents destroying trees

And he told the House of Lords: It may also be helpful if people knew that grey squirrels are extremely good to eat. I have eaten them.

But, in my mind, the best place for a grey squirrel is in a cage in London Zoo and nowhere else.

Grey squirrels were introduced to Britain in the 1870s.

While their numbers have rocketed, the native red squirrel has been driven out of much of the country.

Calling for a feeding ban, Lord Home fumed: The British public on the whole dont realise how destructive grey squirrels can be.

Squirrel meat is popular in the US and available here.

Foodies say it is low in fat and tastes like rabbit but with a subtler, nutty flavour.


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