Tyson Fury urges ‘wash your hands you dossers’ as Brit heavyweight king takes on the fight against coronavirus


TYSON FURY has urged people to continue washing their hands during the coronavirus pandemic using his famous catchphrase.

Government and health advice has reminded people to keep clean ever since the crisis began.

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Tyson Fury shared this graphic on his Instagram page

And now Fury, who sensationally KO’d Deontay Wilder last month to be crowned WBC heavyweight champ, has weighed in with the advice.

The 31-year-old uploaded a cartoon of himself to Instagram, with the words: “Wash your hands, you dossers”.

That is of course the words the Gypsy King uses to taunt his rivals. Wilder and fellow Brit Anthony Joshua have all been labelled as such by Fury in the past.

SunSport reported last month how Fury is set to rake in the dosh outside the ring after trademarking his favourite insult, “You Big Dosser”.

He can now sell products with the catchphrase.

Goods covered by his successful trademark application include perfume, sunglasses, telephones, posters, calendars, and sticker magazines.

The trademark, approved by the Intellectual Property Office, also covers wallets, belts, games, toys, T-shirts, duvet covers, boxing boots and Christmas decorations.

Fury wore a You Big Dosser designer suit ahead of his rematch against Wilder last month.

He even whispered it to Wilder during their 2018 draw.

After that fight Wilder, 34, said: “I like Fury as a fighter and as a person. The only thing that annoys me is in every clinch Fury kept whispering ‘dosser’.”

Tyson Fury has trademarked his favourite insult 'You Big Dosser' which can be seen printed on his suit

Tyson Fury has trademarked his favourite insult ‘You Big Dosser’ which can be seen printed on his suit


In the sensational rematch, Fury put his taunting into action with a stunning seventh-round stoppage win against the previously unbeaten Wilder.

It ended the American’s seven-year reign as WBC champ as a new king was crowned.

The two are set for a trilogy fight in July – but coronavirus might yet have a say in that.

Tyson Furty Fury stunned the world when he battered long-reigning WBC champ Deontay Wilder in their rematch


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