UK Covid lockdown rules: The ultimate guide to what you can and can’t do in lockdown areas


HEALTH Secretary Matt Hancock announced last night even tighter rules for parts of the North East – making it illegal to break the rules on socialising with other households.

This means people living in those areas – including Newcastle and Durham – have been thrown into confusion over what the new rules are, and how they differ from other local lockdown areas.

Local lockdown rules are different across the country

Can I have friends and family over to my home?

In most areas with local lockdown restrictions, including the North West, the North East, the West Midlands, Greater Manchester and parts of West Yorkshire, people are no longer able to meet with other people in their homes or gardens.

The guidance tells people under local lockdown rules they are not allowed to meet up with people they don’t live with in private homes or gardens – even if the friends they are visiting don’t live in local lockdown areas.

It means if someone lives in Manchester, and they want to visit a friend who is otherwise allowed to have people over because there are no local lockdown restrictions in the area, they would not be allowed to.

In most of Scotland and Wales, people are not allowed to meet up with anyone except those from their household and support bubble in any indoor setting.

Scots are still able to meet up with others outdoors and in private gardens.

But in local lockdown areas in Wales, including Cardiff, people are not allowed to meet anyone outdoors either.

Can I be fined for breaking the rules?


But the rules are very different in different areas.

In the North East – people who live in Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Northumberland and Sunderland – the directive to not socialise with other households has been made a legal requirement.

That means that people can be fined for mixing with people they do not live with or are outside their support bubble.

Fines for a first offender have now been doubled to £200 and rise up to £6,400.

But for people outside of the North East, but are in local lockdown areas that rule against household mixing is still advice only.

That means if they do ignore it, they won’t be fined, but crucially, they can be fined for breaking the national rule of six.

The confusion has prompted Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to demand simpler, more coherent rules.

Can I still go to the pub?

Yes you can still go to the pub in most local lockdown areas.

Except in Bolton, where pubs and restaurants have been forced to close with skyrocketing infection rates.

But you can only go to the pub with the people in your household – not to socialise with people you don’t live with.

And the national 10pm curfew means everyone will have to finish their last drink in time for the early closing.

The rules say you must not “socialise with people you do not live with, unless they’re in your support bubble, in any public venue.”

The rule applies both indoors and outdoors – meaning you can’t sit outside the pub with a friend and catch up over a pint.

Skills minister Gilligan Keegan created even more confusion after she said she does not know if the legal requirement not to meet up with people in parts of the South East applies in outdoor parts of a pub.corona

People can’t meet up with people from other households in local lockdown areas

Can kids still go to school?


Children can go to school as long as they are not showing any symptoms of coronavirus, or have been told to self-isolate.

The PM has been adamant that schools will not close again to prevent kids’ education being interrupted.

But some schools have had to send hundreds of children home after just one positive case of coronavirus.

Should I work from home if I can?


And this is not limited to local lockdown areas.

Boris Johnson has changed the advice on heading back to the office and told anyone who can work from home that they should do so.

This is important to stop people mixing with people from other households.

Can I give a friend a lift to work in my car if we can’t work from home?

Yes you can, but you should avoid it if at all possible

The local lockdown rules tells people to “try not to share a car” with those outside of your household or support bubble.

If you do have to share a car, you should try to share it with the same person each time, and keep it to small groups of people

Passengers should travel side by side or behind other people where possible – meaning your friend shouldn’t automatically jump in the front seat if they can help it.

Opening windows and facing away from each other will help minimise the risk of spreading germs.

Can I still get public transport?

Yes, but in some areas Brits have been told to avoid public transport except for essential reasons.

This advice includes Oldham and large parts of the North West local lockdown.

In those circumstances people should only use public transport for reasons such as getting to work if they can’t work from home, picking up essential food or medicines, or taking kids to school.

People can still do group sport outside if it is with a registered coach

Can I play sport of exercise with other people?

Yes – but only outdoors.

And the limits mean only 6 people can exercise or play sport together at any one time.

It can’t be an impromptu match with a bunch of friends either.

Any outdoor exercise has to have been organised by a national governing body, club or registered instructor or coach.

Can I ask friends to help look after the kids?

Yes – but there can’t be different different friends helping out.

You can form a “childcare bubble” with someone who is outside of your household to help look after the kids – but this must occur on an “exclusive basis” the rules warn.

That means the bubble has to always include the same two households.

The guidance said: “We recommend that you form a support bubble or childcare support bubble with a household that lives locally wherever possible.”

When do I have to wear a face mask?

A good rule of thumb for face masks is you should wear them if you are indoors with people you do not know, or where it is difficult to social distance.

People not have to wear face masks in restaurants and cafes except when seated at a table to eat.

Fines for not wearing a face mask start at £200.

They must also be worn on public transport, in places such as churches and places of worship, cinemas and museums.




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