Votes for Nigel Farages Brexit Party could put Corbyn in Downing Street his voters should think again


Wrecker Nigel

VOTERS tempted by the Brexit Party now need to face some harsh realities:

Nigel Farage will not be Prime Minister. Nor is he remotely likely to hold the balance of power.

Nigel Farage could lead Britain into an even bigger mess

There is no longer a route to the No Deal Brexit he wants. Nor any prospect of Boris Johnson caving to his demands for a pact, destroying the Tories unity. And it is patently untrue to say Boriss deal is not Brexit. The Tory ERG simply wouldnt back it if so.

It will end our membership, payments and free movement and extract us from the customs union and single market, with no backstop keeping us half-in. We would trade freely as an independent nation. And Boris alone can get us out. The sole alternative as PM is Corbyn, and he will keep us in the EU for ever.

In a few constituencies Farages party could hurt Labour more than the Tories. Overall it is FAR more likely to prevent Boris winning the majority which is vital to delivering Brexit and without which it is lost. That is why Farages ultimatum to the PM delighted Labour.

Two by-elections in Peterborough and Brecon, both of which the Tories should have won were gifted to Labour and the Lib Dems by Brexit Party votes. On December 12, those could put Corbyn in Downing Street in a Remain coalition.

At which point Farages legacy wont just be that his vanity wrecked his lifes work.That a party he founded with only one aim, a real Brexit, became the very instrument of the projects destruction.

He will be remembered as the right-wing maverick who handed anti-Semitic, anti-Western Marxists an unprecedented chance to plunder the worlds fifth-largest economy. The Sun admires Farage.

His pressure brought about the referendum AND a better deal. But he could now be the author of a double national catastrophe.

He and his voters should think again.

Lying Labour

WEVE heard it all now.

Tom Watson with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Labours Tom Watson, of all people, insists broadcasters must combat the Tories fake news.

Thats the same Tom Watson who destroyed lives spreading a paedophiles lies.

Whose partys campaign centres on a blatant fiction about Boris selling the NHS to Trump.

Whose leader lies endlessly about his terrorist sympathies and anti-Semitism then sinisterly orders reporters: Just report what we say.

These charlatans lecture journalists about the truth.

But they themselves are strangers to it.

And if they took power, Press freedom would be a nostalgic memory.

Hope and glory

TROUNCING the All Blacks was monumental but it wont count for much without lifting the World Cup this morning.

England are hoping to win the Rugby World Cup final

The Sun joins everyone rooting for Owen and Englands rugby heroes.

Best of ruck, lads!


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