Voting to stay in an EU customs union is a vote to stop Brexit not soften it


Wreckers ruse

DO not be duped by weasel politicians. A vote to stay in an EU customs union is a vote not to soften Brexit but to stop it.

Ditching it is almost the ENTIRE point of Boris Johnsons deal. Under Theresa Mays we could have been trapped in it forever, unable to do global trade deals.

Ditching the customs union it is almost the entire point of Boris Johnsons Brexit deal

To put it back into the agreement kills it. Not least because the deal agreed with Brussels is merely the mechanism by which we leave it is not meant to determine our future relationship.

One Labour MP vows to support Boriss Bill, then back this amendment destroying it. If the public considers MPs ocean-going idiots, this is why.

But the EU should help get the deal over the line by rejecting the extension Remainers forced the PM to request.

MPs would have to pass it or revoke Brexit. They lack the guts for the latter.

Come orf it

HARRY and Meghan are not victims. Not of tabloid bullying. Not of racism.

Meghan and Harry should spare a thought for those who endure crippling rents, mortgages, bills and tough and low-paid jobs

Their claim that they are existing, not living is a tin-eared insult to millions who find joy despite daily struggles dwarfing those of this cosseted pair.

The Sun could not have been happier for them when they married. We called their magical wedding a wonderful symbol of the country we have become. Open, warm-hearted, brilliantly diverse.

Were sorry if they didnt understand that along with the adulation would come other stories in the public interest and scrutiny if they chose to lecture the public on how to live their lives.

Instead of maturely accepting it, or ignoring it, they declared war on the Press and indulged in a giant whinge.

No, Royals with publicly-funded mansions, fabulous holidays and staff are not disqualified from being unhappy. Harry and Meghan do seem to be vulnerable and need help. But they should count their many blessings too.

And spare a thought for those who endure crippling rents, mortgages, bills and tough, low-paid jobs with far more fortitude and less self-pity.

Vote dodgers

FUNNY how so many MPs trashing our democracy no longer have skin in the game.

John Bercow is a grandiloquent, circumlocutory, periphrastic, tautological Remainer slug

Take giggling birdbrain Oliver Letwin whose calamitous career, a bulging dossier of catastrophic failure, will end before the next election. Or Speaker Bercow the grandiloquent, circumlocutory, periphrastic, tautological Remainer slug who is off soon too.

Also going are many ex-Tory Remainers, while their soulmates who flounced off to other parties are still denying their outraged constituencies a by-election.

Meanwhile Labour is now openly betraying its 2017 Leave voters while desperately trying to avoid an election.

So many politicians unaccountable and yet key to thwarting the 17.4million majority. It is horrific and shameful.


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