Where is Boris Johnson today? The PMs general election schedule revealed


BORIS Johnson is making his way across the country before the general election next month.

But where is he today and can you keep up with the PM? Here’s the latest.

Where is Boris Johnson today and can you keep up with the PM?

Where is Boris Johnson today?

The PM appeared on LBC this morning, where he answered a raft of questions from voters just 13 days to go before the December 12 election.

Johnson spoke with Nick Ferrari at 9am.

There, he refused to confirm whether he’ll appear on the BBC for a grilling from veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil.

Today he insisted that the NHS is “not for sale” at all under “any circumstances”.

The grilling comes after the PM was blasted for not attending a Channel 4 climate change debate last night.

The PM is speaking in Westminster at 11am today.

The PM appeared on LBC this morning, where he answered a raft of questions from voters

November 27

Johnson sampled a pint of cider in Cornwall after pledging to pour billions of pounds into the NHS, schools and the police.

The PMmade the claim as he tried to distance himself from almost a decade of his partys austerity policies.

His assertion followed theunveiling of his election manifesto, when he pledged to pour billions of pounds more into the NHS, schools and the police.

The PM was in Cornwall where he revealed his preference for putting jam, and then clotted cream, on a scone in line with Cornish tradition.

On visit to Roddas Cornish Clotted Cream factory near Redruth, he covered a scone in jam, saying he believed it to be more adhesive, before dolloping cream on top.

<a href='https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Johnson'>Boris Johnson</a> samples a pint of cider in Cornwall after pledging to pour billions of pounds into the NHS, schools and the police” width=”960″ height=”639″ /><figcaption class=

Boris Johnson samples a pint of cider in Cornwall

November 25

Johnson spoke in Telford, Shrops on November 25, as part of his campaign trail.

He revealed the Conservative’s election manifesto, hailing new promises to end austerity with a spending spree for hard-working families.

The PM was greeted with enthusiastic chants of “Boris, Boris!” as he laid out the full raft of policies he will implement to help Britain’s army of workers if hewins the December 12 election.

Boris claimed Labour’sextravagant plans will cost 2,400 in extra taxfor every person, hitting hard-working families the most.

The PM, meanwhile, has vowed to freezeincome tax, VAT and NI for the next five years – and will cut NI for those earning the least.

He told an audience in Telford he would “focus our tax cuts on people who need them most”.

And his flagship reveal was for 50,000 new nurses and 50million moreGP appointments so Brits don’t have to wait weeks to see a doctor.

Boris Johnson launched the Tory manifesto in Telford

November 23

On November 23, Johnson appeared on Question Time leaders’ debate, hosted by Fiona Bruce.

The PM kept his cool under fire over the creaking NHS and his controversial comment on burkas.

The PM was also cheered loudly when he promised to get Brexit done as he told the audience: I want next year to be a fantastic year.

Mr Johnson did come under fire for supposedly trying to duck scrutiny with his suspension of Parliament and decision to so far hold only one press conference in the election campaign.

He also got a grilling on the importance of the PM always to tell the truth.

Mr Johnson was hit by questions about theNHS but said he was committed to building new hospitals something he can only do because the economy has grown since Labour left office.

After the debate he tweeted: We will get Brexit done, invest in our NHS, schools and police, and cut taxes for you and your family. Lets unleash Britains potential.

Boris Johnson kept his cool under fire during the Question Time leaders’ debate

November 20

Johnson was campaigning in the north east on November 20, where he dramatically pledged a 465 tax cut for 31million workers today in his boldest election move yet.

While in Teesside, the PM announced he would raise the income thresholdat which workers start paying National Insurance from 8,632 to 9,500 from April 2020.

That will mean a 100 tax cut for most people but he pledged the threshold would be raised to 12,500 by the mid-2020s – handing a 465 tax cut in total to the vast majority of the UK workforce.

The move is ultimately expected to take 2.4million people out of paying the tax altogether.

He was grilled in a Q&A after a stump speech to factory workers.

Boris Johnson was in Teesside to announce plans that will give 31million workers a 465 tax cut



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