Who won the general election 2019?


THE 2019 general election is over and Boris Johnson has won his coveted Tory majority.

Here’s who the bookies and the polls were backing in the battle for Number 10.

Boris has successfully defended his position in No. 10

Who won the general election 2019?

At 5am on January 13 Boris Johnson won his majority with 326 seats.

This was how things stood when the exit poll was announced at 10pm on Thursday:

  • Tories will win 368 seats
  • Labour will drop from 262 seats to 191
  • The SNP are set to win 55 out of 59 seats in Scotland
  • Lib Dems are expected to only gain one seat

What did the last poll before the general election predict?

Prior to today’s exit poll the Tories were still predicted to win, but by a much narrower margin.

The bombshell YouGov MRP poll for The Times put the Conservatives at a 28-seat majority with just two days to go until the general election.

The poll, which correctly forecast the election results in 2017, suggested Boris would need every vote in today’s ballot.

What are the lastest odds?

Since tonight’s exit poll results, bookies have drastically revised odds of a Tory majority from 4/9 to 1/200.

A Labout majority, according to William Hill has gone from 16/1 to a rather unlikely 100/1.

The Lib Dems’ likelihood of a majority was previously 250/1.


When will we know the results?

The final results of the general election should be confirmed very soon.

Most counts have finished and Boris has secured his majority in the commons after winning more than the required 326 seats.


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