Will Jeremy Corbyn resign after the election and who could replace him?


JEREMY Corbyn’s dire performance at the 2019 general election has left his future in tatters.

Now pitted as the worst Labour leader since WW2, here are the potential successors lying in wait to replace him.

Jeremy Corbyn casts his vote on polling day 2019

Will Jeremy Corbyn resign after the general election?

Corbyn is facing calls to quit after exit polls expect Labour to undergo a damning defeat.

Reports claimed his right-hand man John McDonnell was set to be put in temporary charge of the party, if the election didn’t go as planned.

The hashtag #CorbynOut start circulating on Twitter as the exit poll results were released.

Asked about Corbyn’s future, McDonnell told Andrew Neil shortly after: “We will always make all decisions in the best interests of our party.”

Who could replace him as Labour leader?

As the Labour leader’s grip on power weakens here’s who is most likely to replace him according to the bookies.

Keir Starmer 9/4

Sir Keir is notable for clashing with Corbyn, on Brexit.

The Shadow Brexit Secretary has openly campaigned for a second referendum.

The favourite was a human rights lawyer before becoming an MP.

Sir Keir Starmer appears to be the favourite to replace Jeremy Corbyn

Rebecca Long-Bailey 7/2

The Shadow Business Secretary is a fierce Corbyn supporter.

She grew up in Old Trafford, Manchester, and worked as a customer service assistant in a pawn shop, before becoming an MP.

On her website, she describes herself as a proud socialist.

Rebecca Long-Bailey is the current shadow business secretary

Yvette Cooper 9/1

Yvette Cooper started her career as an economic policy researcher for Shadow Chancellor, John Smith.

In 1997, she became an MP for Pontefract and Castleford.

She has worked as a health minister before being promoted to Shadow Home Secretary in 2011.

Yvette was touted as a potential leader after Labour’s defeat in 2010, but as her husband Ed Balls was also praised, she decided not to stand for the sake of their children.

Former Cabinet minister Yvette Cooper failed in her bid to be leader in 2015

Angela Rayner (10/1)

John McDonnell named Angela as the next possible leader.

Speaking to GQ in October, he said whoever comes after Corbyn “has got to be a woman”.

The shadow education secretary Angela Rayner has been unflinchingly loyal to Mr Corbyn

Emily Thornberry (10/1)

The Shadow Foreign Secretary campaigned for Remain in the EU referendum.

She joined the party whens he was 17 years old, motivated by her single mother, living on a council estate.

Emily Thornberry is the bookie’s favourite to become the next Labour leader


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