You can now use the toilet when visiting your friends and family in England in lockdown rules tweak


PEOPLE are now able to nip into other people’s homes to use the loo when visiting friends or family.

As Boris Johnson announced an easing of England’s lockdown rules last week, it will mean groups of up to six can hang out together in gardens or parks from today onwards.

Brits will be able to nip into each other’s homes to use the loo from today

But as many public toilets remain firmly shut, many feared where they would be allowed to take a small break when visiting pals and family outdoors.

It was confirmed that people will be allowed to nip into a friend or neighbour’s home to use the loo while out on a trip.

It will be the first time that the public will be permitted to go into another person’s home since the lockdown was announced on March 23.

Exceptions to this rule were made for emergency repairs, cleaners or childcare like nannies.

But this is the first time it will apply to everyone.

The news will delight members of the public hoping to go on a longer trip across the country to see friends and family.

But they will be expected to not stay in someone else’s home for an extended period of time.

Professor Chris Whitty said last week: “If someone was to go into the loo, it is absolutely critical that they wipe everything down, wash their hands all the way through.”

He said it was vital to keep good hygiene if people were going to start seeing each other again.

Elsewhere in Boris Johnson’s address to the nation last week, he confirmed:

  • The five tests for easing the lockdown have finally been met after weeks of staying indoors and keeping apart from others
  • People living in England will be able to hang out in groups of six others from other households from today – but they must remain outside and stay 2m apart
  • People will be able to play golf in groups of four, and tennis doubles
  • Schools will open today as planned – but for a small number of pupils only
  • Non-essential shops are set to return from today and June 15 

However, the rules will be different in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as they continue to take slightly different approaches.

Scotland has been allowed to meet in groups of up to eight people from Saturday – but England’s guidance will be slightly different.

A Downing Street spokesperson said last week: “This afternoon the Prime Minister had a call with the First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland.

“The PM made clear that as we begin to move to the next phase of tackling this virus, he remains determined to work closely with the devolved administrations. This continues to be a UK-wide approach, even though we may travel at slightly different speeds based on the scientific evidence.”


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