Chelsea boss Lampard shared a pint with Prince William but couldnt convert George to support Blues


FRANK LAMPARD has revealed how he used a night drinking pints with Prince William to try to convince him to let his son become a Chelsea fan – only to come up short in his efforts.

Lampard met up with the Duke of Cambridge last week as part of the Heads Up campaign promoting the need for men to open up about mental health.

Frank Lampard tried to persuade Prince William to let his son Prince George support Chelsea

The Chelsea boss sank a couple of pints with his Royal pal while he was trying to watch Blues starlet Mason Mount in action for England against Czech Republic.

But Lampard told talkSPORT the pair got sidetracked by him quizzing future King over why he supported Aston Villa – and attempting to coax him into letting six-year-old Prince George become a Chelsea fan instead.

Lampard said:I had a couple of pints with Prince William, which was an interesting night.

“We watched the England game against the Czech Republic and ended up not watching much of the game, which I wanted to watch because Mason [Mount] started!

Lampard tried to convince Prince William to let Prince George support Chelsea instead of Aston Villa
Lampard tried to convince Prince William to let Prince George support Chelsea instead of Aston Villa

“It was surreal really. Im a big fan of the Royals, Im a big fan of William himself, and he didnt disappoint.

“He was great on the night, speaking to everybody. Hes a great personality and has a great way about him. It was a nice night.

We had that conversation [about Villa]. I couldnt understand why [the royals dont support Chelsea].

I asked why he supported Villa and he said it was because of a game he watched when he was younger and he felt that was the right thing to do. Then hes passed that down.

“I made a small attempt to get him [George] on the Chelsea side.

He did say George came home from school to say all his friends support Chelsea, but hes going to hold firm and be a Villa fan.

“He was great value. Ive got great respect for him.”


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