EastEnders drops explosive trailer as Sharon Watts plans to murder Ian Beale


EASTENDERS has revealed Sharon Watts’ final attempt at killing Ian Beale in an explosive new trailer.

The BBC One soap recently revealed that Sharon knows Ian killed her son Denny – and that she’d been plotting his death.

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Sharon insists Ian just needs to rest when he collapses

After Phil pulled out following the gruesome attack in the Queen Vic, which he and Sharon had orchestrated, viewers watched Sharon take matters into her own hands and serve Ian a poisonous Christmas pudding.

And ever since then she’s been slowly poisoning him with each meal.

Now she will plan a special meal next week – and give him the final dose to rid the world of Ian Beale for good.

However she will have to deal with Max Branning first who has become intrigued by Sharon’s unwillingness to get Ian help despite being obviously sick.

Ian’s final meal will finish him off

Sharon listens to Denny’s voicemail to steel herself into killing Ian

He convinces Ian to visit the doctor to get an expert opinion.

Ian visits the doctor and is left feeling hopeful. 

But Kathy admits she’s annoyed with Sharon for not revealing Ian’s worsening condition. 

When a mystery person overhears Sharon making a phone call, they run straight to Ian and let him know what they’ve heard. 

Is it game over for Sharon?

And who is it that’s watching her every move?

Viewers will have to tune in to find out.


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