EastEnders fan spots huge clue Mick Carter drowns in 35th anniversary episode as trailer gives first look at victim


EASTENDERS fans have spotted a clue which suggests Mick Carter drowns in the 35th anniversary episode.

The latest trailer sees the Queen Vic landlord in a green velvet jacket – with the person receiving CPR after being rescued from the water wearing a coat that’s the same colour.

EastEnders fans spotted a clue in the moment Mick and Linda Carter were seen on the sinking boat

The tweet read: “Mick is wearing this green jacket in the trailer and the person being given CPR is wearing green.”

They also said: “Also, it would be such a good way to tie his first story about struggling to swim with his death and how he drowns saving his wife. IM SO CONVINCED.”

One shocked fan replied to the tweet saying: “Omg it could be him who dies.”

They added: “Maybe more than one person falls in the water. They survive, but one dies.”

A fan believes the casualty is Mick Carter

Danny Dyer plays Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter

Another fan mentioned the green jacket has been sold in costume sale.

They said: “@walfordweb mentioned that the green jacket was being sold in a costume sale so maybe that means it isnt needed anymore as Danny Dyer has left and Mick has been killed off.”

The drama starts to build on Monday February 17, with Mick finding himself “doing the unthinkable” as his turns his attention from Linda.

The dramatic scenes on the Thames are set to air on Friday 21st, two days after EastEnders’s official anniversary of Albert Square.

Keanu Taylor returned to the square last week

Several predictions have been made regarding the character that will suffer a tragic end next week.

Hardman Phil Mitchell will re-appear in Walford after hearing Keanu is alive and well.

He will then be forced to fight for his life in a dramatic battle against his arch-enemy.

The trailer shows the two brawling on the boat after disaster strikes and it begins to sink.

Will it be one of these characters that perishes in the boat disaster?

Viewers were convinced that Linda Carter will drown in the 35th anniversary boat disaster after a moment in Friday’s episode.

Fans saw Jean tell Daniel you could catch your death to which he replied “we all catch it eventually”.

An eagle-eyed viewer spotted that the camera then panned to Linda in the background, which fans think could be a sign of what is to come.

One person wrote: I think that foreshadowed that she could die on the boat.

Ian Beale let Sharon move in with him after she was thrown out by Phil

However, Linda Carter actress Kellie Bright hinted that it will not be her character whose fate is sealed, but did admit that she gets a little bit wet.

Meanwhile, Ben and Martin’s feud continues to escalate as they started fighting in the street, as Ben now knows that market trader Martin did not kill Keanu like he promised.

Fans have seen Ian and Sharon getting closer ever since Phil threw his wife out of his house for cheating on him.

In the trailer, the restaurant owner is seen navigating his way through a dark corridor as he desperately tries to escape the sinking boat.


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