EastEnders fans agony as Mick and Linda SPLIT as he roars Im done with you in boozy row


EASTENDERS fans were devastated after Mick Carter finally ran out of patience with wife Linda, roaring: “I’m done with you.”

The once-happy couple have been fractured in two by the Queen Vic landlady’s uncontrollable booze problem, with them appearing to finally split tonight.

Linda and Mick were on thin ice from the beginning of the episode

The pair had an ugly showdown when Linda flew into a panic that their son Ollie was going to be taken away after he told the authorities she was an alcoholic.

She screamed: “Do you have any idea how hard it is being married to Mr Perfect? Only you’re not, are you?

“Having an affair with your son’s wife while I’m looking after my sick mother, leaving me to pick up the pieces when you went off to prison.

“I am the one who keeps things running. I am the one who holds things together.”

They spend a day together happily

But he snapped, yelling back: “Well you’re not now, are ya? Don’t talk to me about running a family. You couldn’t even run a bath.

“I’m making excuses for you, I’m defending you, I’m dragging you up from the gutter. Let me tell you something now – a lot of geezers would have turfed you out a long time ago.”

She replied: “Better that than go to the social services. Why do you think I drink? It’s YOU.”

With that she reached into the cupboard and pulled out a bottle of white wine – which he tried to grapple out of her hands.

Mick and Linda get into a blazing row

Snatching it back, she screamed: “Don’t you touch me. I hate you.”

He replied: “You know what? You want to drink yourself to death? You do it. I’m done.”

With that, he turned and walked out on Linda while she glugged back the whole glass in front of an appalled Shirley, who had come in to tell the couple they were scaring Ollie.

And as the episode ended, Mick was at his wits end, telling his mum: “Let me tell you what the problem is – the problem is me, mum.”

Mick says he’s done

Fans were horrified at the prospect of the once-solid Queen Vic couple could be coming to an end.

One tweeted: “Where did it all go wrong?”

Another wrote: “I’m not sure Linda will make it past the 19th of February.”

And a third insisted: “Just pick her up and throw her out Mick. That’s what I would have done months ago…”


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