EastEnders fans spot Jessie Wallace’s ‘last scene’ before suspension as Kat Slater makes swift exit


EASTENDERS fans reckon they spotted Jessie Wallace’s final scene in the soap before she was suspended.

The 48-year-old star‘s character Kat Slater took a phone call from an unknown person in last night’s episode – then rushed out of the Queen Vic.

Kat Slater said a hasty goodbye to Kush before disappearing on EastEnders

Speaking into her mobile in the crowded pub, she told the caller: “Calm down. Breathe. Slowly.”

She later raced up to boyfriend Kush, saying: “You know I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t urgent. I’ll call you.

“I’ll text, just when everything’s chilled. Trust me, can you? I’m sorry, I don’t deserve you.”

And with that she marched out of the pub, with him muttering: “Some people.”

She was seen taking a panicked phone call before making a very swift exit
EastEnders fans thought this marked the start of Jessie Wallace’s absence from the soap

Fans suspected that was Kat’s last scene for some time, with one asking: “Was that Jessie Wallace’s exit for her suspension? Looked a bit cobbled together….”

Another wrote: “That’s the last we’ve seen of Kat for a while then.”

A third reckoned they’d cracked the cover story, writing: “Convinced Kat has gone to see Stacey and they’ll return together in a few months.”

It was revealed in January that Jessie had been suspended from EastEnders after allegedly boozing on set.

Jessie, seen here at the TV Baftas, was suspended from the soap

But because the show is filmed so far in advance – and with the 35th anniversary boat disaster scenes shot out of sequence – her last moment before the suspension kicked in could just have aired.

As Jessie had already filmed scenes for the special episodes, writers had to come up with a storyline to explain Kat’s temporary departure.

And it could be a long absence, with filming on the BBC soap on hold because of the coronavirus crisis  and it now only airing twice a week.


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