EastEnders fans spot Linda Carter let slip that Keanu IS still alive ahead of the explosive reveal


EASTENDERS’ Linda Carter tonight appeared to let slip that Keanu IS still alive ahead of tomorrow’s explosive big-reveal episode.

Sharon Mitchell tonight grew hysterical that Phil had murdered her toyboy baby-daddy Keanu Taylor – causing the Queen Vic landlady to reveal what many felt was the truth.

Linda appeared to let slip that Keanu is alive

The pregnant cheat wailed: “I know what he’s capable of, Linda. And it would be all my fault.

“You do realise that? It’s all my fault. “My Denny, Keanu, it’s all my fault.”

Linda, who suggested she knew a lot more about Keanu’s demise than she was letting on throughout the episode, replied confidently: “Listen to me – it hasn’t happened. It’s not your fault.”

However, Sharon replied: “How do you know that?” and Linda appeared to backtrack.

Sharon is panicking over what happened to Keanu

She said, unconvincingly: “I don’t, not for sure,” adding hastily: “You’ve got to get a grip.”

Later, after knocking back shots at Karen Taylor’s New Year’s Eve party, Linda was seen looking over at the distraught mum.

And as the closing credits rolled, fans were convinced she holds the key to the entire mystery, which is expected to start unravelling tomorrow.

One viewer tweeted: “Linda’s face, says she has done something to Keanu, or to someone else #Eastenders”Another posted: “Linda is definitely involved in this Keanu thing somehow.. look at her guilty face and the way the camera panned onto her @bbceastenders #EastEnders”

Keanu was last seen being dragged through a window by Martin Fowler on Christmas Day

Sharon Mitchell got thrown out by Phil, who called her a ‘lying two-faced slapper’

A special episode will air on New Year’s Eve, filling in some of the blanks of what happened during her Christmas booze bender, which Linda claims she doesn’t remember a thing about.

But viewers are set to see what did happen, with the story told entirely from Kellie Bright’s character’s point of view.

Linda has a lot of her own problems at the moment though. As well as battling alcoholism, she is facing increasing questions from her husband Mick.

Tonight, viewers saw him call up ‘Julie’ the fellow landlady she claimed to have spent Christmas night consoling.

There is a video of Martin being shot – by the gunman or woman isn’t shown

Boozy Linda’s missing hours will be revealed on EastEnders tomorrow

Danny Dyer’s character confronted her, asking: “Who called you earlier? You had a load of missed calls from the same number. Where was you at Christmas?”

She replied: “I told you– Julie.”

He hit back: “Well I called her, and you weren’t. So where was you and where did you sleep?”

But she fled to the party, telling him: “I’m not talking about this.”


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