Formal Prince William inspired by Prince Harry to show love for Kate Middleton in public, says body language expert


SUPER formal Prince William has been inspired by Prince Harry to show Kate Middleton more affection in public, a body language expert has revealed.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended an event celebrating Shouts Crisis Volunteers, with the mum-of-three opting for a pair of chic maroon trousers by Jospeh which she paired with a monochrome Smythe jacket.

Prince William tenderly placed his hand on Kate’s back

She and Prince William, both 37, took to the stage to champion their new mental health helpline, Shout, launched with Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle, 38.

While the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex werent at the event today, it seems Prince William has taken a leaf out of his brothers book.

The dad-of-three was spotted warmly putting his hand on Kates back a classic pose adopted by the Sussexs.

A body language expert has claimed that over the past year the Cambridges have been showing more signs of PDA and its all thanks to Prince Harry.

The Sussex’s are often seen in this coy pose

Body language expert, Judi James, said: There does seem to be a slow but steady increase in the PDA rate between Kate and William over the past year or so, with this affectionate back-stroke display being the most recent example.

The couple might not simply be taking their lead from the intensely-tactile Harry and Meghan, but the way that the Sussexs PDAs have been positively received might just have allowed the normally super-formal and quite traditionally royal William to relax a little and show his affection for his wife more openly now and again.

She added that there could be a deeper meaning behind the tender moment between Prince William and Kate and its all down to how the Queen views her granddaughter-in-law.

A body language expert says Prince William may have been inspired by his brother

Judi said the Sussex’s PDA has been well-received by the public

Judi added: Kates profile and status as an individual within the royal pecking order does seem to have grown and its clear from the Queens body language when shes with her granddaughter-in-law that she both approves of and feels affection for Kate.

It could also be due to the pair becoming closer, after becoming parents for the third time and dealing with the rumoured fall-out between the Sussexs, Judi added.

It seems the Sussex’s PDA has rubbed off on Prince William

Judi continued: Also the rift between William and Harry must have caused emotional upset for both of the brothers, and that could have meant William being even more grateful for his wifes support than usual.

Also, with two children off to school and their latest adorable baby Louis, its probably only right that William relaxes a little and uses touches and tie-signs with Kate that signal respect as well as love for her in public.

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