From Meghan & Harry’s last royal outing to a knockout punch – here’s the stunning British Photography Awards shortlist


FROM Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s last royal outing to an impressive knockout punch – there are the showstopping frontrunners for the 2021 British Photography Award.

After entries were collected from 5,354 photographers professional and amateur alike, competition was tough.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return to England once they announced their departure from the Royal family was met with rain and one of the most breathtaking pictures of the couple.

The competition accepts a broad range of photos from varying disciplines all over the world.

With the prize money being a donation to a charity of their choice, the entries captured this year in all its highs and lows.

Have a look at the entries, sent from across the world this year.

Dec Spelman lands a phenomenal shot against Shakan Pitters during a boxing match

During the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the reality of hospitals grappling with the influx of patients – Chokat Bassilly lies in a likely COVID bed.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed travel in every way there is. Here a passenger is pictured waiting at Heathrow to board a flight to Hong Kong in a full protective suit and filtered face mask.

Aptly titled ”Bloody Winner”, the prehistoric bird and Giant Petrels arriving to fight for a place at the carcass whilst covering themselves in blood

Elle Fanning attending the screening of ”Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” during Cannes Film Festival back in 2019.

Icelands many canyons showcased after two hours of rain, with fulmars inhabiting the ravine and a sea eagle flying overhead

Two young men appear inebriated alongside another person who casually browses his phone, pictured in an Indian takeaway in Wales.

Trick riding is an extremely dangerous sport that requires skills and trust for both the rider and the horse

St Micheal’s Tower seen on Glastonbury Tor as the full moon rises in Glastonbury

The HMS Prince of Wales making her way into Portsmouth Harbour, Hampshire for the first time

The Wintershall Estate’s nativity play in Bramley, Surry sees cast members having their final adjustments and relaxing backstage before going on stage for a dress rehearsal

9-year-old Salah al Wahbei lost his lower left leg after standing on an anti-personel mine near his home in Marib, Yemen. Here he is visiting the hospital in a Limb Fitting Ward

Rory Bosio running across the Ridgeline above Chamonix with grace and style. Taken in Chamonix, France the runner raced on a 145km trail running race with 9,100m elevation

A wedding scheduled for June 2020 had to be postponed however, they had a small gathering in August. The farming couple even has some unexpected guests

The MDS is a six-day, 251km ultramarathon which is approximately the distance of six regular marathons. held in Southern Morocco, in the Sahara Desert sees up to 1,000 runners taking it on

Whales ‘breaching’ the surface of water is normal, however hippos can too! This happy hippo in Okavango Delta, Botswana ‘breached’ whilst jumping in and out of the water

Cricketer Amy (right) holds a bat and and wide Susan (left) pretends to appeal as part of their formal wedding photos

Lockdown meant explaining to young children that the world had changed. Pictured to capture the emotions of children during lockdown, conveying the image of being locked inside

Camping on an island in a frozen lake in Mongolia in -30 degree weather

Ex-Brexit party leader Nigel Farage on Brexit day

Taken during London Fashion Week, at The Strand, a lady seemingly distracted by her phone whilst a gust of wind extends her flowy dress outwards

Scuba diving at Land’s End off the coast of Cabo San Lucuas, Baja California Sur with an enormous school of mackerel, the ever-changing movements of the fish were photographed

Trans Activist Samo, in Southsea, Portsmouth. A photo taken to raise awareness of the hardships trans people have to face and how much work till needs to be done

Lewis Hamiltons monumental Grand Prix win being celebrated as he crowd surfs

A Clinical Nurse Specialist , with the imprint of the mask on her face and sadness in her eyes. The stark reality of healthcare professionals on the front-line against the Covid-19 pandemic

A pop-up spa designed for this year’s dogs to use at Crufts at Roadchef in Norton Canes. The spa’s service operator aims to highlight the importance of giving pets breaks during long car journeys

World Cup Downhill rider Adam Brayton weaves around machinery deep inside the last working slate mine in England

A self-timer catches the tender moment a Dalmatian and it’s owner sit down on a bench symbolising that rain or shine, everything is done together

A shopper scans shelves after the panic buying wave hit London in wake of the coronavirus pandemic

A recently moutled exoskelton and an exotic spider names Phidippus adumbratus pictured in Stoke on Trent

Queen Elizabeth poses for a portrait at Windsor Castle.


A young, enthusiastic Everton fan shouts his support for his team at the Capital One 2nd Round football match between Everton and Stevenage at Goodison Park

Caves flanked with steep, ancient woodland are home to numerous species including bank voles. Pictures in Rosemarkie, Scotland

This leopard just made a kill and carried her prize to her young cubs, in Mara North Conservancies, Kenya

Pictures in Bavaria, the jagged mountains, tree-line valleys and beautiful lakes surrounding a wooden hit in sweeping meadows

A Peak District National Park captured during a November morning walk along a quiet back-lane

Racegoers cheering on horses at Royal Ascot races

Blyth, North East Coast as a passer-by struggles against the wind on the sea front. Captured during Storm Abigail

Popular Italian location spot, Val C’Orcia. A thick blanket of fog covers the rolling hills below with farmhouses and olive trees in the morning light

The Stretch in Lake Kerkini, Greece

The Southern Coast of Iceland during a road trip shows the juxtaposition of the road against the landscape

Flower Bees making their way into gardens during the warm weather seasons

The start of lockdown in May 2020, showed this happy couple in Ashtead, Surrey posing for a portrait of ”100 Doorstep Portraits of residents”.


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