Harry and Meghan ditched British stiff upper lip Here, Sun parents and kids are torn over whether thats a good thing


MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry have bucked royal tradition once again with their latest TV interview – in which they claimed they were “existing, not living”.

The couple ditched the stiff upper lip of previous Royal Family generations and flew the flag for ‘Generation Therapy’ as they revealed their emotions to the world – but were they right to do so?

Meghan and Harry, pictured with baby Archie, gave a remarkably candid interview
Meghan claimed she was “existing, not living” in the ITV documentary

What you make of ‘fragile’ Prince Harry and Meghan’s comments may depend on your generation.

Here, Sun parents and kids reveal what they think of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex airing their emotions in public – and whether they have the right to moan in such positions of privilege…

Harry admitted there was a rift between him and brother William

‘They should follow the Queen’s example’

Journalist Jim Maloney is from Kent.

Jim says the pair should “look to The Queen as an example”

He says: “As central members of the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan must expect to attract attention from the press and public.

They are very keen for publicity when it comes to work and issues that they care about and want to promote and that is all well and good.

But because they are such high profile people they cannot then expect not to ever receive any criticism or negative comment.

Using a tour of Africa to take the opportunity to complain about press treatment in a poor me way seemed like they were hijacking the occasion for their own purposes and smacked of selfishness and egotism.

There are plenty of people to feel sorry for in this world the poor, underprivileged, homeless, the sick Harry and Meghans problems really are not top of the list.

They need to get a grip and get on with things and look to The Queen as an example.”

‘She’s done nothing wrong but gets more bad press than Kate’

Jim’s 20-year-old daughter Georgia is a trainee auditor.

Georgia believes Meghan gets a hard time for no reason

She says: “I think Meghan Markle gets a really hard time for no real reason. At the very least I think she should have been given a break when she was pregnant.

I particularly feel for her about her relationship with her dad and her family as that must be hard to deal with in itself, and even worse when every communication she attempts to have with her family is all over every newspaper.

For me she has done nothing wrong but seems to get a lot more bad press than Kate.

In the clip where she says shes struggling, I think the sadness in her eyes says everything.”

‘Meghan and Harry are leaving themselves open to enemies’

PR expert and dad-of-three Anthony Burr, 43, of Burr Media, lives in London.

Dad Anthony, pictured with daughter Tatjana, says “being too candid” leaves you “open to enemies”

He says:

“Sacrifices are expected from any royal and once you enter what we term public life it is just that you live your life in the public view.

Meghan was being as open and as candid as we have seen any royal, possibly since Diana. Yet as a Royal there is protocol and there is a duty to protect the Queen and the realm.

Meghan has to strike that balance.

It is possible to sacrifice parts of your privacy whilst also keeping other parts private. William and Kate are striking that balance perfectly.

The problem with being too candid is you leave yourself open to enemies. As a dad, I will ask my girls to decide carefully when and who you should be open with.

Its not easy for Meghan, and it will take some time but she can bridge that gap between celebrity and royal and if she gets it right then she can be an icon for years to come.”

‘You don’t want the royal family to be viewed as falling apart’

His daughter Tatjana Mager-Burr, 13, is a Year 9 student.

Tatjana believes Meghan and Harry should be able to speak their minds

She says: “It’s a democratic country. Meghan and Harry should be able to speak their minds.

How open they should be really depends on the situation. [Perhaps not] if Meghan’s having arguments with Harry… you don’t want the royal family to be viewed as falling apart.

It’s unusual for royals to come clean about their situation – they usually stay reserved. I feel [this documentary] could be a way of opening up attitudes towards the royals.”

‘There are people using food banks who are existing and not living, sweetheart’

Biba Tanya, 38, is a blogger from Ribble Valley in Lancashire.

Biba Tanya, 38, has hit out at Meghan and Harry’s “complaining”

She says: “Its the poor me attitude that I just think is absurd. What was the quote? Were existing but not living? Are you f*****g joking me?

There are people using food banks who are existing and not living, sweetheart, not people who are flying private jets to their baby showers. Thats not living, thats living in style. Her line thank you so much for asking – its pathetic! I got an A* in Drama Megan, Im probably about as talented as you are!

Harry threw a royal tantrum a few days ago when he was asked a rogue question by a reporter. It was a perfectly reasonable question and he completely flipped his lid.

William is more of an example. He doesnt complain at least. Its the complaining that everyones finding unbearable. It does make me smile when I see that Kates handling this with such aplomb. She’s never complained once she just cracks on.

Who are you? Youre just these mythical creatures who live off our money without letting us know what youre truly thinking.

I once went on GMB and publicly declared that I dont vaccinate my children you want to see the trolling that I got. Im a big girl I pulled my big girl pants up and got on with it! What are they upset about?”

‘She was raised like an average child and isn’t used to this’

Her son Sebastian Haywood is 15.

Sebastian says it would be a “good thing” if Harry and Meghan left for Africa

He says: “Meghan’s finding it hard being in the limelight as a member of the royal family, especially since she was raised like an average child and isnt used to this.

They stated that they only feel happy in Africa and dont like being in the limelight. If they feel that its best for them to leave the royal family and go to Africa then they should go.

Also Meghan is facing the pressure of being in the spotlight plus the hardship of being a new mother. She also has the social pressure put on her by the media always expecting her to put on a smile and act like everything is okay.”

‘They shouldn’t air their dirty laundry in public’

School safeguarding head Jane Baldwin lives in Kent.

Jane says the royal couple “should not air their dirty laundry in public”

She says: “I think in their position they are a representation of our country and should not air their dirty laundry in public.

Also, they are both extremely privileged therefore I think they should focus on the wonderful positives such as having an amazing wedding and becoming proud parents, travelling the world on private jets and rebuilding their home, as well as being in love.

I also believe in these difficult political times, when people are facing job loss etc, moaning about media coverage – which I might add is what charities need and is the purpose of their tour and not forgetting Meghans movie career thrived on this – is not appropriate.

I have always thought Harry tried to be in touch with us common folk, following his mum’s approach. However this recent documentary just highlighted the disconnect between the life they lead and what his people would consider real life issues, like paying a mortgage and having a job.”

‘That pressure and stress just doesn’t seem right’

Jane’s daughter Ellie, 21, is a quantity surveyor.
Ellie says Meghan and Harry “are people too”
She says: “I do understand that a lot of people have a view that the Royal Family has had everything handed to them on a plate and they should be grateful.
I know if you marry into the royal family, media attention is expected but for a heavily pregnant woman to have that pressure and stress just doesnt seem right to me.
They are people too.”


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