How the Queen may have to delay Christmas at Sandringham if Boris Johnson wins the election


THE Queen could be forced to delay her Christmas holidays at Sandringham if Boris Johnson wins the election.

Downing Street said today that Boris would call for Her Majesty, 93, to do a Queens Speech on December 19 he is victorious.

The Queen will delay her Christmas at Sandringham if Boris Johnson wins the election

He will also request that the state opening of parliament goes ahead with “reduced ceremonial elements” if the Conservatives win a majority.

Typically December 19 is when the Queen leaves for her festive break at Sandringham. 

The monarch was scheduled to attend the opening of Parliament next month but the date wasnt fixed. 

A Number 10 statement said: “Should this prime minister return, the state opening of parliament and the Queen’s Speech will follow on Thursday December 19.

Boris has called for Her Majesty to do her Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament on December 19 if he wins

“The state opening of parliament will take place with reduced ceremonial elements, as was the case following the early general election in 2017.

“This is due both to the early general election and the proximity of the state opening to Christmas.”

MPs could also vote on Boris Johnsons Brexit deal before Christmas if they win, and the planned date of the Queens speech could lead to MPs having to sit on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day to debate and vote on Brexit legislation.

In their manifesto released on Sunday, the Conservatives said they are pledging to “start putting our deal through parliament before Christmas”.

The Queen typically leaves for Sandringham around December 19

Last year the Queen headed to Sandringham by train from Kings Cross Station.

According to the House of Commons Library, the date of the Queens Speech is decided by the government. 

The monarch often doesnt return to London from her Norfolk home until February.

We shared how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have chosen NOT to join the Queen for Christmas at Sandringham so they can recharge batteries.

William and Kate will be at Sandringham withGeorge, six, Charlotte, four and Louis, one.


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