Kate Middleton describes how she explained the Holocaust to Prince George as she praises survivor for emotional speech


KATE Middleton revealed that she and Prince William have spoken to Prince George about the atrocities that took place at Auschwitz 75 years ago.

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, attended a national ceremony to commemorate the liberation of the concentration camp.

Kate Middleton revealed how she spoke to Prince George about the Holocaust

Kate spoke to Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich, who was forced into a ghetto before being sent to Bergen-Belsen, and said her and William had delivered sensitive facts to their oldest child.

She explained: We were talking to the children about it earlier today. But we have to be, you know for a six-year-old, the interpretation.

Kate was seen fighting back tears at the Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorative Ceremony in Westminster, which honoured the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. 

The event was held at Central Hall in Westminster, where William and Kate joined invited guests and dignitaries including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, BBC newsreader Huw Edwards, actress Nina Wadia and actor Martin Shaw.

Kate spoke to Bergen-Belsen survivor Mala Tribich

Mala revealed that Kate said she had told Prince George sensitive details about the concentration camp atrocities

Kate, who said the stories she had heard were “heartbreaking”, praised Bergen-Belsen survivor Mala as “fantastic” in being able to share her experience with all those gathered at the event.

Mala, 89, commented: “She said ‘Well I have told my children, I’ve made them aware.’ I suppose she tells it in the measure that is applicable because young children, it’s very tricky (to tell them about it).

Holocaust memorial day takes place every year on January 27, remembering the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared visibly moved by the Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorative Ceremony in Westminster yesterday

The duchess said it was ‘our privilege’ to meet survivors and described the ceremony as ‘very poignant’

Steven Frank, 84, who survived several concentration camps, talks to Kate with his granddaughters Maggie Fleet, 15, and Trixie Fleet, 13

The day honours survivors of the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution, and subsequent genocides in Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur.

This year’s event commemorated the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

The duchess, who said it was “our privilege” to meet survivors, described the ceremony as “very poignant”.

William, who read a letter during the service in praise of his great grandmother Princess Alice’s efforts in saving a Jewish family, said it had been “very moving”.

Kensington Palace released a series of black and white photographs taken by the Duchess of Cambridge to mark the anniversary.

In the poignant photographs, the 38-year-old can be seen chatting with survivors of the atrocity and their families.

She had clearly formed a warm bond with Yvonne Bernstein, who was hidden as a child in France for most of the Holocaust.


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