Kate Middletons classmates at 16k-a-year school now include a TV star, teacher and businesswoman


YESTERDAY during a busy Welsh tour Kate Middleton was taken by surprise when she was reunited with two of her former school teachers in amongst an excited crowd.

The Duchess of Cambridge was taught by Kevin Alford and wife Denise Evans-Alford at prep school during her teens – and it has now been revealed that her ex-classmates from that time include a TV star, photographer and businesswoman.

Kate Middleton bumped into her old school teachers, Kevin Alford and wife Denise Evans-Alford, in Wales yesterday

Kate, 38, attended 16,000-a-year St Andrew’s Pangbourne in Berkshire when she was 13 – and the couple revealed they hadn’t seen her since she had returned briefly aged 14 to visit brother James, 32, with sister Pippa, 36.

Denise – who taught PE, and coached the royal mum-of-three in netball – insisted she “hasn’t changed at all” while her husband, who taught French and German, added that she was “in such a wonderful class of girls and they got on so well together”.

According to the Daily Mail, the former school friends of the Duchess – pictured with her in an old snap wearing summer uniform in the grounds of their alma mater – have all gone down very different paths.

They include Zoe de Turberville who went on to study music at Cardiff University, before gaining a teaching qualification in the subject in Cambridge.

The Duchess of Cambridge (pictured, far left, with teacher Kevin Alford and five classmates) attended St Andrew’s Prep aged 13

In 2018, the ex-classmate married Steve MacLachlan, and the couple have two sons.

She also appears to be a budding photographer – sharing snaps of children on her Facebook – much like Kate.

The paper also reported that another of the girls, Fiona Beacroft, went on to secure a diploma in media and business at college in Oxford and is currently working as an accounts director for Beacroft Farms in Oxfordshire.

She married Matt Szegedi, a joiner, and the couple share three children.

Zoe de Turberville (pictured with husband Steve MacLachlan) trained as a music teacher

Fiona Beacroft (pictured with husband Matt Szegedi) is now an accounts director

Little is known about Katherine Nipperess, while Chelsie Finlay-Notman – who changed her surname to Willis – has three children.

Finally, there’s Emily Bevan, who has moved in the direction closest to Kate.

Emily Bevan (pictured, left, on the set of The Last Sparks of Sundown) is now a TV actress

After attending the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, she has gone on to forge a successful career as an actress.

The TV star has secured roles in Doc Martin, J.K Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy and In the Flesh.

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