Lawyer suspended over ‘racist’ tweet about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby Lilibet Diana


A LAWYER has been suspended over a “racist” tweet about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby Lilibet Diana.

Joanna Toch, 59, was blasted for the “offensive” comment following the royal birth on Friday.

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Lawyer Joanna Toch has been suspended following her ‘racist’ remarks

Joanna Toch has been suspended from her law firm for the comments

Meghan and Harry announced the birth of their daughter on Sunday

The barrister has since apologised, claiming her remarks were “a joke” and saying that she “has children of colour.”

The ordeal erupted when journalist Julie Burchill tweeted that Lilibet’s name was “a missed opportunity” for the new parents.

She said that they could have called her “Georgina Floydina” – in reference to George Floyd, who was murdered by policeman Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, sparking worldwide protests.

In reference to Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland, Toch replied: “No Doria?

“Don’t black names matter?”

Burchill responded that she “was hoping for Doria Oprah, the racist rotters.”

Toch replied saying: “Doprah?”

Hundreds of people slammed the women online – before Toch apologised and deleted her profile.

She said: “I am very sorry for the comment and what I saw as a joke.

The barrister tweeted: ‘Don’t black names matter?’

“I’ve fought during my professional life against racism which is abhorrent.

“I’m not a judge and I have children of colour and I apologise unreservedly.”

Her law firm Family Law Cafe later revealed they had suspended her “with immediate effect pending an internal review into her recent comments.”

A statement from the directors said: “FLC considers her comments as offensive, unacceptable and highly contradictory to the inclusive manner in which FLC has always and will continue to work with members of all communities in managing the challenges of matrimonial and family disputes.”

Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on Friday in Los Angeles – and was named in tribute of both Her Majesty and Princess Diana.

After returning home from the hospital, the Sussexes introduced Harry’s grandmother to her namesake via a video call, it’s been said.


Meghan and Harry announced to the world on Sunday night that they daughter had arrived two days earlier, writing on their website Archewell.

A source told People: “They were very excited and couldn’t wait to share that their daughter arrived.”

But critics have blasted Meghan and Harry’s name choice as “rude” and “demeaning” towards the Queen.

Angela Levin slammed the sentimental move – suggesting it exploits “a very private nickname”.

She told Good Morning Britain: “I don’t think it’s a good idea – I think it’s quite rude to Her Majesty Her Queen.

“It was a very private nickname from her husband who hasn’t been dead for very long.

“Prince Charles would never dream of calling his mother Lilibet.”


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