Meet Kate Middletons girl squad, with a teacher, a lady and a Marchioness making up her inner circle


KATE Middleton turns 38 tomorrow and celebrated with pals at the weekend in Norfolk.

But who is in the Duchess of Cambridges inner circle? From a teacher, a lady and a Marchioness, heres who the royal is close to away from the spotlight

Kate Middleton has kept a loyal circle of friends with her over the years, including school pal Trini Foyle, left

 Lady Laura Meade and husband James Meade

On Sunday, mum-of-three Kate was pictured going to church in Sandringham, ahead of her birthday on Thursday.

She was photographed with a number of her friends, including Lady Laura Meade, who she met through her husband. 

Laura is married to James Meade, who did part of Prince Williams best man speech at the Cambridges 2011 wedding. 

William was also usher to fellow Etonian James at his wedding, and the Meade couple play roles in the lives of the royal kids too. 

Kate celebrated her birthday with friends at the weekend, and was pictured with Lady Laura and James Meade, Thomas Van Straubenzee and fiance Lucy Lanigan-O’Keeffe in Sandringham

Kate pictured with George and Charlotte, and Lady Laura at the Beaufort Polo Club in 2018

Lady Laura, who is married to James Meade, is Prince Louis godmother

Lady Laura is Prince Louis godmother, and James is Princess Charlottes godfather. 

The couple live near Anmer Hall, which is Kate and Williams country retreat.

Emilia Jardine-Paterson

Emilia is one of Kates friends from her time back at Marlborough College, and theyve remained fast friends ever since.

Emilia Jardine-Paterson is one of Kate’s friends from Marlborough College

When Kate and William briefly split in 2007, it was Emilia who went to Ibiza with Kate on a break. 

The interior designer is now one of Prince Georges godparents, and it has been rumoured she helped the duchess decorate Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall. 

Her husband David also has close connections to the royals too, as he attended Eton College with William.

Zoe Warren

Zoe Warren, centre, was pictured laughing with Kate at Royal Ascot, with Lady Laura, left

Kate has been pictured with pal Zoe at Royal Ascot, along with Lady Laura, and they certainly cut a glamorous trio. 

Zoes daughter Zalia was a bridesmaid at Prince Harry and Meghans wedding, and is one of Harrys goddaughters. 

The Warrens have royal ties, as Zoes husband Jakes dad, John Warren, is the Queens racing manager.

Rose Hanbury

The Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury, was also pictured with Kate on Sunday

Rose lives down the road from Anmer Hall and has three kids who have been playmates of the Cambridge children

Rose Hanbury was also pictured with Kate on Sunday, and their paths often cross in Norfolk as they live just three miles away from Anmer Hall. 

Rose, who is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, and her husband David have twin boys, Alexander and Oliver, and daughter Iris.

The boys have been playmates of Prince George and the couples had previously enjoyed dinner parties and attended weddings together.

In 2011, Rose and David attended the royal couple’s wedding.

Hannah Carter

Hannah Carter is one of Kate’s school friends and now is one of Prince Louis godparents

Hannah Carter, who was previously Hannah Gillingham before marriage, is one of Kates friends from Marlborough College.

The two were boarders at the private secondary school, which costs over 9,000 a term.

Despite her close relationship with best friend Kate, Hannah has remained largely out of the public eye.

The long-time friend was given the honour of being one of Prince Louis godparents. 

Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended her wedding to Norfolk landowner Robert Carter in May 2012.

Trini Foyle

Trini Foyle, centre, has been a close chum of Kate’s since school

Trini is another of Kates close friends from school, along with Emilia and Hannah. 

She ended up studying politics at Edinburgh University and once worked as an assistant in the office of Jeremy Hunt. 

Trini, who is married to husband Ted Foyle, has previously been spotted with son Alexander walking Kensington Gardens. 

Sophie Carter

Sophie Carter is one of Princess Charlottes godmothers

Sophie previously dated one of Kate’s other pals Thomas van Straubenzee, who is now engaged to Lucy Lanigan-O’Keeffe

Sophie has been friends with the elegant duchess for years, and even used to date one of Prince Williams pals, Thomas van Straubenzee. 

Thomas was previously married to Lady Melissa Percy, but is now engaged to marry a teacher at Prince George’s school, Lucy Lanigan-O’Keeffe, 31.

Sophie also lives close to Anmer Hall and was asked to be one of Princess Charlottes godmothers.

The two women have been pictured together on numerous occasions, from Christmas Day services to Wimbledon, and Sophie was even on the guestlist for Pippa Middletons wedding. 

Sophie joined the Cambridge family on their ski trip in 2016.

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