Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have suffered from no guidance and no support from the palace, says Paul Burrell


PRINCESS Dianas former butler Paul Burrell has claimed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had no guidance and no support from senior royals.

Paul, 61, spoke out after the explosive ITV documentary on Sunday where Harry, 35,said he hasgrown apart from William, 37, and Meghan, 38, admitted she is struggling to cope.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had ‘no guidance or support’ from the palace, says Paul Burrell

Paul told Reuters that the Queen and Prince Charles have left the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to find their own way.

He said: There’s no guidance. There’s no support. There’s no rulebook.

Dis former confidante said that Harry and William are often called the heir and the spare, which Prince Harry hates.

Paul added: Harry said that (he and William) are on different paths. I know what he means by that. William and Kate have a map in front of them. They’re headed for monarchy.

Princess Diana’s former butler said that the couple have been left to find their own way

Meghan Markle fought back tears when she was asked by ITV host Tom Bradby if she was ok

Prince Harry said the loss of Diana is still a ‘wound that festers’ and he’s grown apart from his brother

The Duke andDuchess of Sussex opened up in the emotional programme Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, which showed them in a fragile place.

Harry was asked by host Tom Bradby about his relationship with his brother, and he looked close to tears.

Harry replied: As brothers, you have good days, you have bad days.

Meanwhile, Meghan also said thatnot many people had asked if she is ok in her new role as a royal.

It is understood theQueen would have been “a little bit dismayed” by the broadcast of personal relationship details to the public.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman wouldn’t comment on any private conversations the monarch may have had with her grandsons.

But one senior courtier was reported as saying: I know the Prince of Wales has several times reached out to Meghan. They get on and share a love of music.

“I know he invited her to a preview of an exhibition at the palace.

The Queen has been a source of strength too and invited them both to Balmoral where family problems are usually aired.

A source said the Queen and Prince Charles have regularly reached out to Meghan

Meanwhile Prince Charles is absolutely furious a growing row between Prince Harry and the rest of the Royal Family has undermined his work overseas as well as his own TV documentary.

Charles is adamant he has supported Prince Harry andMeghan Markleand was let down when his daughter-in-law, 38, cancelled a meeting with him at the last minute.

Sources stressed Charles sharesWilliamsvery real concern for Harry. One said: Charles is worrying about Harry in the same way he did Diana. Publicly he will defend his son.

Prince Charles even walked Meghan down the aisle for her wedding in May 2018

Charles has welcomed Meghan – who he walked down the aisle onher wedding day– to the family with open arms, the insiders insist.

The Queenis urging her two grandsons to sort out issues privately but is supportive of both.

A royal insider said: The respect and admiration for the Queen comes because she rises above these sorts of issues. But the Queen is close to all her grandchildren. Family ties are strong.

A senior Kensington Palace source also said William is genuinely worried for Harry and Meghan after their emotional TV interview and hopes they are all right.

Harry said on Harry and Meghan: An African Journey that he has grown apart from his brother William


Tensions between the brothers blew up ahead of last years royal wedding after William is said to have privately expressed concern about Harrys whirlwind romance with Meghan.

The two couples also split over their charitable work, with Harry and Meghan set to launch their own royal foundation next year.

The source said the splits in the royal households were made worse by the departure of the Queens respected former private secretary Christopher Geidt, who resigned in 2017 after ten years.

Harry said that he and William have good days and bad days.

The Duke of Sussex added: We are certainly on different paths at the moment but I will always be there for him as I know he will always be there for me.


Paul added that Meghan and Harry are well placed to ride out any hard times and will fair better than Prince Charles and Diana did.

He added: They didn’t have what Harry and Meghan have.

They didn’t have love. And they love each other. It’s quite obvious when you see them together.”

Harry and Meghan were interviewed by Tom for a documentary about their recent ten-day tour of Africa with five-month-old son Archie.

Kensington Palacehas been contacted for comment.

In the documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey,Meghan said that keeping quiet and having a “stiff upper lip” about the scrutiny she faces is “damaging”.

Prince Harry also revealed he wouldlove to leave the UK and base his family in Cape Town.

The couple said theywish to focus their lifes work predominantly on Africa, and could even build a lodge there.


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