Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sign Netflix deal after new Crown series’ release about Princess Diana confirmed


MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry signed a multimillion pound deal with Netflix just weeks after the release date was announced for The Crown‘s next series.

The popular show, which will release its fourth season in November, will focus on Harry’s mother Princess Diana joining the Royal Family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed a deal with Netflix to produce shows that ‘give hope’

Emma Corrin will portray Princess Diana in The Crown on Netflix

Prince Harry is seen here as a toddler with mum Diana

The new series’ release was announced just two weeks ago, with the role of Diana to be played by actress Emma Corrin.

It is unknown if members of the Royal family have been watching the hit Netflix series.

However royal biographer Angela Levin claimed Prince Harry joked that he wanted to stop The Crown before it covered his life.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast, she told host Dan Walker that the Duke of Sussex vowed: “I’m going to make sure I stop it before they get to me.”

But now the couple have signed up with Netflix to produce shows that “give hope”.

It comes as…

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could earn almost £200MILLION with bonuses thanks to their new Netflix deal
  • The Sussexes said they wanted their productions to “unlock action” and “give hope”
  • The couple had been involved in talks with NBC and Disney before signing with Netflix
  • Meghan will think she’s getting full creative control and be the “Mother Teresa” of Netflix shows, an insider claimed
  • They are already working on an animated show to inspire women
  • Royal fans mocked the deal after the couple quit the Firm just six months ago
  • New York Times reported Harry and Meghan could still appear on camera in documentary programming.

As part of the deal, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have never produced a TV show, will make documentaries, films, scripted and kids’ programmes.

They are rumoured to have made millions with the deal, with one PR guru even suggesting they could earn almost £200MILLION with bonuses.

The Crown has been one of the biggest hits for the popular streaming service.

The fourth series will also centre around Margaret Thatcher, played by Gillian Anderson, while Olivia Colman will return as Queen Elizabeth II.

And a sneak peak of the upcoming episodes revealed Princess Diana’s famous wedding dress and marriage to Prince Charles would be featured.

But according to royal biographer Robert Lacey – who is also a historical consultant on the show – the Queen isn’t an avid watcher. He claims this is because it “comes too close to the truth”.

The Queen is reportedly not a fan of the show The Crown

Meghan and Harry’s deal with Netflix has been described as ‘histric’

A glimpse was given of actress Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in her wedding dress

Olivia Colman, 45, who plans Queen Elizabeth, revealed that Prince William, had told her he doesn’t watch The Crown.

And while it is unclear if Princess Anne watches the show, the 70-year-old was astonished to learn it takes Erin Doherty — the actress who plays her in the third series of The Crown — two hours to style her hair, as opposed to the “ten or 15 minutes” it takes Anne.

Prince Philip also said it was “ridiculous” that he would watch the show.

Announcing the deal last night, the couple said: “Our lives, both independent of each other, and as a couple have allowed us to understand the power of the human spirit: of courage, resilience, and the need for connection.

“Through our work with diverse communities and their environments, to shining a light on people and causes around the world, our focus will be on creating content that informs but also gives hope.

“As new parents, making inspirational family programming is also important to us, as is powerful storytelling through a truthful and relatable lens.”

The deal will see them produce content for Netflix’s 193m subscribers.

Before signing with Netflix, Harry and Meghan held talks with Disney and Apple, the New York Times reports.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s co-chief executive and chief content officer, said in a statement: “We’re incredibly proud they have chosen Netflix as their creative home and are excited about telling stories with them that can help build resilience and increase understanding for audiences everywhere.”

Earlier this summer, the royal couple moved into a £11m home in Santa Barbara after their stay in Tyler Perry’s £14m LA mansion.

The couple now live in a £11m nine-bedroom and 16-bathroom mansion in upscale Montecito, Santa Barbara. 

Princess Diana is seen holding little Harry

Prince Harry plays with his own son Archie


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