Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s neighbours complain about stink from a giant cannabis farm close to their £11m mansion


PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle have been suffering in silence from a royal stink – from a huge cannabis factory. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been living just minutes from a legal weed factory base in Santa Barbara, California. 

Harry and Meghan’s neighbours have complained about the stink
The factory is just down the road from their luxury mansion

The couple’s £11million mansion is just up the road from the 20 large greenhouses full of the plants – leaving the luxury suburb reeking. 

Neighbours have now made a string of complaints, sparking the company to install new “odour control systems.”

One resident complained that the stench was so bad that they had to pull over while driving along the road. 

The factory is less than a 10-minute drive from the Montecito mansion where the couple live with son Archie, two, and two month-old daughter Lilibet.

Local Gregory Gandrud, 60, said of the new anti-smell measures told the Sunday Mirror: “This is good news for us, and Harry and Meghan.

“The stink was getting stronger and heading their way. I was driving along the freeway and was hit hard by the smell. I had to pull over.

“It made me completely lose my train of thought. Lots of people here are suffering.”


Richard Mineards, another neighbour, added: “Growing cannabis near here became legal in 2016 and lots of growers jumped on the bandwagon.”

Both the Santa Barbara Coalition of Responsible Cannabis and Cannabis Association for Responsible Producers have promised a “new expanded odour response process”.

Harry, 36, has previously admitted to smoking pot as a teenager and was sent to a drug rehab clinic for a day, aged 17, by Prince Charles.

His wife Meghan, 40, reportedly gave guests a joint at her first wedding in Jamaica – where the drug is legal – in 2011.

Last year the couple moved out of movie producer Tyler Perry’s LA house and bought the nine-bed property after taking out a £7.25m mortgage and getting some financial help from Prince Charles.

Insiders at the time claimed they wanted to make it their permanent home after living in Windsor, Canada and LA in a matter of months.

The grand entrance opens onto a wide lane paved with hand-cut Santa Barbara Stone, leading through an archway of trees to the main residence.

Behind the front doors there is a library, cinema, spa and sauna – as well as the 16 bathrooms.

Montecito is a popular area with celebrities, and Meghan and Harry have a lot of very famous neighbours – including several of their close friends.

Their close friend Oprah Winfrey lives in a huge multi-million home nearby, with huge lawns and a stunning sea view.

The couple’s close pal Oprah Winfrey also lives nearby

Residents of the affluent suburb have complained about the smell

Meghan reportedly gave out joints to guests at her first wedding


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