Meghan Markle’s dad threatens to SUE ‘childish’ daughter and Prince Harry in bid to see his grandchildren


THOMAS Markle threatened to sue Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in order to see his grandkids.

The Duchess of Sussex’s estranged dad said Meghan was “childish” for cutting him off and says he’s spoken to lawyers about legal action.

Thomas Markle has blasted ‘selfish’ Meghan Markle for not letting him see his grandkids

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Thomas said: “I’ve made it quite clear that, until I hear from her, until she does speak to me, that I will continue to do this (television interviews),”

“Eventually she’ll start talking to me. This is way too childish, this is kind of silly.

“It’s time to talk with each other, we’re family. The kids are going to grow up without knowing they have two families.

“This is more than just me and my daughter now – this is me, my daughter, her husband and two babies.

“So it’s time to do something. To talk.”


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