Meghan Markles make-up artist reveals how to get her wedding day glow


IT’S safe to say that most brides experience some sort of nerves on the morning of their wedding day – and that’s without the prospect of millions of royal fans around the world tuning in to watch you walk down the aisle.

But despite the fact that Meghan Markle‘s wedding to Prince Harry was watched by an estimated 11m people last year, her best friend and make-up guru Daniel Martin claims she was actually “very chilled” on her big day.

Meghan Markle’s best friend and make-up artist Daniel Martin has revealed she was a ‘very chilled’ bride

Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine, Daniel gave viewers a tutorial in how to achieve the former Suits star’s radiant wedding day glow as part of his new Makeup Masterclass series.

Reflecting on the special day, Daniel said: “What I do remember is how much fun it was and how easy it was to be with your friend and her mum get them ready on such an incredible day.

“I dont think she was nervous because we werent nervous, we, I mean, it was very, very chilled.”

Describing his relationship with the Duchess, he added: “I have known Meghan for 10 years – we meet when she was doing Suits and we have been great friends ever since.”

Her long-term friend revealed he’d mixed highlighter in with her foundation to get her radiant glow

As for Meghan’s radiant wedding glow, Daniel revealed how he mixed a drop of highlighter in with her foundation. (Side note: we will now be doing this every. single. morning)

And if you’re keen for more Duchess-approved beauty tips, Daniel Martin’s Makeup Masterclass will run every Thursday on Lorraine for the next few weeks.

The beauty guru revealed that he started by applying a base the size of a ‘5 pence piece’ and using an eyebrow brush to blend it out from the middle of her face.

He said: “As we have a lot of redness in the middle of our face, it’s better to start here and blend out so you can gauge the coverage you’re getting.”

Meghan’s make-up artist added highlighter to her foundation on her wedding day

Meghan's Wedding Day Make-Up

  1. Apply a small amount of foundation the size of a ‘5p coin’ with an eyeshadow base to the centre of the face and blend outwards
  2. Apply concealer under the eyes and blend with a damp sponge
  3. Use your finger to cover any spots
  4. Add a drop of highlighter to your foundation and apply it using the same brush as before
  5. Dust powder over your base to set
  6. Use your finger to apply dark eyeshadow and add a light pop of highlighter to the inner corner
  7. Use liquid liner to line your bottom lashes
  8. Add a sweep of bronzer and apply gloss to the lips

After this, he added some concealer using a damp make-up sponge and covered any blemishes using his finger as “it enables me to feel the face and where I need to cover it.”

Adding a swipe of powder to set the base, Daniel went in with his fingers again to apply a dark brown shadow with a lighter pop of colour in the corner to brighten eyes.

Completing the ultra radiant look, Daniel recommended apply a mascara that has a flat brush to get more volume and apply liquid eyeliner for “a bit of drama”.

Earlier this year, Daniel revealed that he didn’t even have time to trail Meghan’s bridal make-up before the big day and relied on the Pinterest board she’d put together.

ITV’s Lorraine is on weekdays from 8.30am – 9.25am.

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