Palace rightly told Meghan Markle the Queen is not for sale it must now stand firm


WIDESPREAD disgust has rightly greeted Meghan Markles latest tawdry attempt to commercialise her global status as the charitable Duchess of Sussex.

Few can now be fooled by her increasingly bitter row with Buckingham Palace.

Meghan Markle isn’t fooling anyone – except her husband, Prince Harry, royal biographer Tom Bowers writes

Her attempt to sell herself and her husband under the SussexRoyal banner, inspired by her advisers greedy American vultures is a bid to cash in on her relationship with the Queen.

The promise of billions of dollars and a plum spot on the Sunday Times Rich List by branding herself as a member of the Royal Family has poisoned Harrys relations with his father, brother and grandmother.

But the Palace must stand firm.

Quite rightly, Palace officials have told her the Royal Family is not for sale.

Meghans ruse to help mankind from Canada has not fooled anyone in London.

The tragedy is that Harry seems to have been taken hostage by Meghan because there is no way he, a loving grandson, would ever have intended to insult the Queen.

But Meghans statement over the weekend, threatening to ignore the Queens orders, shows he has been caught under the spell of a wife who, having destroyed her relations with her own father, has no concern for Harrys position.

What Meghan wants Meghan gets Prince Harry said before their wedding about her demand for a tiara which the Queen refused.

Now the line should once again be drawn.

  • Tom Bower is the author of Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles


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