Peter Andre spilt black coffee all over the Queens carpet then begged staff to hide it from her


WHEN you’ve been given the opportunity to meet one of the most famous women in the world at her palace, it’s understandable you wouldn’t want anything to spoil that moment.

However, Peter Andre, 46, almost had his once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the Queen in her royal surroundings ruined when he spilt black coffee all over her carpet.

Peter Andre has revealed he accidentally split black coffee all over the Queen’s carpet while attending a royal event with his wife Emily

Writing in his New! magazine column, the singer revealed that he was waiting to greet the monarch at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Buckingham Palace in May when the blunder happened.

Peter explained how he was “honoured” to have been invited to the grand occasion with his wife Emily, 30.

But he was left red-faced when the hot beverage fell out of his hands and flew all over Her majesty’s plush carpet.

Such was his embarrassment, that the father-of-four even admitted he begged staff to hide it from her.

The embarrassing incident happened at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Buckingham Palace in May

Peter – who also met the Queen in 2007 with then-wife Katie Price – recalled: “I was in this beautiful room, which had the best carpet I’ve ever seen and, me being me, I tipped a cup of black coffee all over it.

“I was freaking out and begged the royal staff not to tell the Queen.

“She might have made me pay for it, which would probably have cost more than the whole village I live in!”

He decided to open up about the blunder following Olivia Coleman’s revelation that her husband stole toilet roll from their visit to the palace.

The singer also met the monarch in 2007 with his then -wife Katie Price

The actress, 45, explained to The Sunday Times that she and her other half Ed Sinclair were meeting Prince William at a charity event at Buckingham Palace when he decided to take away the unlikely souvenir.

She said: “Since getting the part, I’ve met the Queen in a line-up at the BFI, and the lovely Prince William at a charity do at the palace.

The father-of-four admitted he was worried Her Majesty would try and make him pay to replace her plush floor

“I was very uncool, and he was charming. He has that thing where he makes you feel you’re the most exciting person in the room.

“Then my husband stole some loo roll just to say we got it from Buckingham Palace. If we can get away with that, we can get away with this programme.”

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