Phillip Schofield’s feud with Lady Colin Campbell intensifies as her son accuses host of shoving mother at award show


PHILLIP Schofield’s feud with Lady Colin Campbell intensified as her son accused the This Morning host of ‘shoving’ his mother at an award show.

Dima Ziadie made the accusation on Twitter after his mother’s fiery clash with Schofield over her tell-all book on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Lady Colin Campbell with her son Dima

Writing over a clip of Lady C on the ITV show, Dima said: “I personally remember when you tried to shove my mother at the ITV awards. You hate authoritative women!”

It is unclear what award show Dima is referring to in his accusation.

HOAR Online has contacted Phillip’s reps for comment.

This comes after their intense interview on Wednesday where Phillip was labelled “ignorant” by Lady C – while he called her a “gossip”.

The author claims in her new book – Meghan and Harry: The Real Story – Meghan orchestrated their move to the United States to launch her political career – with the idea to run for President.

Phillip and Holly interviewed Lady C on This Morning

Lady C during the fiery interview

Speaking to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby live from her home, Lady C said: “That is what she told people.

“She’s told people her ultimate amibition is to run for President.

“And she announced last week that she is going into politics, notwithstanding the fact that no member of the British royal family is allowed to enter politics.”

Philip clashed with Lady Colin Campbell on other points in the awkward interview about her tell-all book about Meghan and Harry, and she even labelled him “ignorant”.

Lady C’s new book delves into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to move to America

Dancing On Ice’s Phillip called the book “tawdry and undignified”, and said: “I’d be surprised any of the royals would want to get involved with more gossip after your Princess Diana book.”

The aristocrat defended herself saying: “It’s history in the making. That shows how ignorant you are if I may point out.

“My Diana biography was named the most believable by People Magazine and had it not been for that biography, Diana would have thrown Prince Charles to the wolves.”

The interview turned fiery as Phillip asked if it was difficult that the bookwas “unverified” by the royals.

At one point, Lady C suggested she doesn’t leak stories to the press, and Phillip labelled her a “gossip”.

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