Piers Morgan calls for the SAS to be sent to ‘rescue’ Prince Harry from Meghan Markle – telling him ‘get out of there’


PIERS Morgan has called for the SAS to be sent to “rescue” Prince Harry from Meghan Markle – telling him “get out of there”.

The Good Morning Britain host joked a military “intervention” should be launched to get Prince Harry away from the American actress after the couple signed up for their own Netflix reality show.

Piers Morgan said Prince Harry needed to be rescued by the SAS on Good Morning Britain today

Piers made his suggestion after GMB aired a video of Harry and Meghan telling Americans to vote against Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections, and likened Harry’s videos with Meghan to “hostage videos”.

The show also aired a clip of Trump reacting to the clip of the couple, with him wishing Prince Harry luck “because he’s going to need it”.

Piers said: “Harry, listen to Donald [Trump]! You need good luck – get out of there! We should launch an intervention, let’s send in the SAS, get him out of there!”

Though his co-host Susanna, 49, insisted: “He’s his own man! He obviously loves her.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told people to vote against Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election
Donald Trump reacted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s video and wished Harry ‘luck’ saying ‘he’s going to need it’

Piers ignored her and mimicked a puppeteer, ranting: “Harry, here are your instructions for today – vote Biden, Harry!”

However Susanna wasn’t impressed and scolded Piers, saying: “You’re horrible! I get the political issue. But when it gets personal and nasty I don’t like it.”

Ealier, Piers called for the couple to be stripped of their royal titles on their new Netflix reality show.

He also got Susanna to agree with him for the first time as he slammed the pair for taking Netflix’s offer.

Former Suits actress Meghan, 39, and Harry, 35, complained about media intrusion while in Britain

Piers told viewers: “At what point does the penny drop that she came over here, took our prince and now Mrs Privacy is making a 150 million (dollars) fly on the wall documentary where every part of their lives is going to be filmed.”

Turning to Susanna, 49, he added: “At what point do these scales come down from your eyes?”

She replied: “I have reached a tipping point. am really private and I think if you are going to complain about intrusion into your privacy then having a fly on the wall series on your private life is not the message you should be sending.”


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