Piers Morgan compares ’embarrassing’ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to dictators like Kim Jong-un after Oprah interview


PIERS Morgan compared “embarrassing” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to dictators like Kim Jong-un after the first glimpse at their Oprah interview was released.

The 55-year-old presenter could not hide his outrage during today’s Good Morning Britain, where he locked horns with co-host Susanna Reid about the pair.

Piers and Susanna clashed over Harry and Meghan again today

He kicked off the show ranting about Harry and Meghan doing the interview, as well as Harry’s appearance on James Corden’s US show last week – having previously asked for privacy.

Susanna told him: “What he is objecting to is the negativity – it’s toxic!”

Piers retorted: “They only want positive media coverage, who else wants that? Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un – they only want positive media coverage, don’t they?

“That’s not how it works in a democracy!”

Piers compared the royal couple to famous dictators

He said people like Kim Jong-un ‘only allow positive press’

Stunned Susanna laughed in response: “You’re comparing them to international dictators?!”

Kim Jong-un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea, and Putin the President of Russia.

Her co-host continued: “It can’t just be me who sees Prince Harry on top of an open-top bus, it doesn’t get more embarrassing than this – being on an open-top bus in Hollywood, banging on about privacy.”

Susanna continued to argue: “You don’t understand, it’s not that they want to be 100% private, they don’t want the toxic negativity that they felt they had.”

Susanna later slammed her co-host’s ‘negative language’

She later slammed Piers for his use of “negative language” after he accused Harry and Meghan of “spewing” and “bleating on” in their Oprah chat.

Susanna pointed out: “Listen to yourself, even the use of the word ‘spewing’ – why do you have to use such a horrible, negative word? They are opening themselves up!”

This is not the first time that the TV pair have clashed over the royals, with Piers moaning: “You’re supposed to be a journalist!” at Susanna last week over the same topic.

Prince Harry and Meghan have filmed a TV interview with Oprah

Susanna, 50, said in the heated debate: “Do you not understand the difference between them wanting some control over what is released to the public? It’s called boundaries!”

Piers sniped back: “You’re supposed to be a journalist, how can you think that?”

That wasn’t Piers’ only Harry and Meghan related run-in that day, with a Good Morning Britain guest also branding him a “petty, fragile man baby” later in the show.

Piers regularly speaks out against the couple

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu was defending the couple – insisting that Piers has a personal vendetta against Meghan because she once “rejected” him – referencing the presenter’s claims Meghan “ghosted” him after she met Harry having previously met him for a drink at his local pub.

Piers appeared to take Dr Shola’s comments in his stride, laughing off the tense debate on social media afterwards where he said he “likes her style”.


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