Piers Morgan taunts Meghan Markle as he beats Prince Harry to win Heats Secret Crush for second year


PIERS Morgan has been handed Heat’s Secret Crush award for the second year running – beating Prince Harry into second place.

Picking up the prize, which goes to celebs who people are afraid to admit fancying, he leapt at the chance to taunt Meghan Markle yet again.

Piers Morgan put his win down to being a ‘real man’ not a ‘snowflake’

The 54-year-old Good Morning Britain host congratulated Heat magazine‘s readers for putting him above Prince Harry, saying: “Oh Meghan you made such a mistake.”

“That is really going to compound his hellish start to the year. Hes had to leave the country, and give up everything that he likes in life, and now hes lost out to me in Secret Crush.

“Meghans going to be sitting there going, Damn it, have I picked the wrong one?’

EastEnders star Jake Wood, who won the award for years, appeared in fifth place in readers’ hearts, behindYou’s Joe Goldberg and Dracula actor Claes Bang.

The Good Morning Britain star told her: ‘Oh Meghan you made such a mistake’

Piers said Harry’s No.2 spot would ‘compound his hellish start to the year’

The TV star said he felt ‘insufferably smug’ about his win

Speaking about the award, he said: “It makes me feel insufferably smug, but I congratulate, as ever, heat magazines very discerning readership on working out where truly great aesthetic and character quality lies.

“I do feel like this could be the birth of a really long and extended reign.

Asked why he thought he won Piers added: Honestly, I think its because the entire country is now infested with weak snowflakes and women in particular are now getting drawn to what they see as the antidote to that.

“I stand up for common sense, I dont wear papooses, Im not a vegan, I dont think James Bond should be a woman or gender fluid.

Dracula actor Claes Bang was a new entrant to the list at No.4

Long-time Secret Crush champion Jake Wood was in the No.5 spot this year

“I think a lot of women and Im not ruling out an extensive male vote too but a lot of women see what used to be called a ‘real man’ but you cant even use that phrase anymore because that offends people.

Piers beat his long-time rivals Jeremy Clarkson, who appeared in 16th place, and Lord Sugar, who only scraped onto the list in 25th.

Asked where he would keep his two awards, he dispensed with any modesty, explaining: Im keeping one in London but Im taking the other to Hollywood and Ill put it in the bar of my Beverly Hills home.

“It can go next to my Emmy which I won last year. To me its right up there with the Emmy. Lots of people win Emmys but very few people have won your Secret Crush award.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared at No.6 on the list

Singer Lewis Capaldi made the No.7 spot in the poll

Piers arriving at ITV’s studios in London last week

“Im humbled which is not a state I normally find myself in that heat magazine readers have once again given me this award, Im touched by the support, but I cant say Im surprised.

Heat editor Julia Davis said: “Congratulations again toPiersand his raw animal magnetism for his landslide victory.

“Hes certainly a one off and just shows that if you love yourself enough, then eventually others will follow.

“Our sympathies lie with both his wife Celia and co-presenter Susanna for having to deal with a new level of obnoxious glee.

Heat’s Secret Crush appears in the issue of the magazine out tomorrow


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