Prince Andrew must report to the authorities — the longer he is silent the worse it gets


PRINCE Andrew’s woeful response to the Epstein scandal has left the British Government stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Ministers and officials have a duty to protect the Monarchy.

Prince Andrew must report to the authorities or risk the situation getting worse

Boris Johnson’s Government has been left stuck between a rock and a hard place

But if they refuse to hand the Prince over to the US authorities for questioning, it will look as though they are hampering an important criminal investigation and denying justice for Epstein’s many victims.

Which is why Prince Andrew must report to the authorities and give the fullest, frankest statement he can muster.

We know he’d rather bury his head in the sand.

But the longer he stays silent, the worse the situation will get.

Angry American investigators are fed up with his lack of cooperation already and have no plans to let him off the hook.

Though the Prince has issued emphatic denials of wrongdoing, the very fact we have got to the point where the US is having to make back-channel requests to the Home Office in a criminal case shows just how badly the Queen’s favourite son has played this.

Let’s hope he finds the guts to face up to his responsibilities — and fast.

SAGE advice?

WHEN the inevitable inquiry is held into Britain’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, we hope Public Health England and SAGE are brought to the dock first.

We know that politicians are the ultimate decision makers, so the finger of blame can’t be pointed solely at scientists.

SAGE scientist John Edmunds has U-turned on the coronavirus lockdown

But from where we’re standing it looks like these territorial and well-funded quangos have rather a lot to answer for.

PHE failed to build stocks of personal protective equipment, was against German-style mass testing and dragged its feet over sourcing ventilators.

And now a top SAGE scientist has done a whopping U-turn on lockdown.

John Edmunds, who claimed in mid March that herd immunity was the solution, said yesterday that he wishes Britain had shut up earlier.

The Prime Minister must show leadership and reform these crumbling institutions before the public loses trust.


THE hardline EU states blocking Michel Barnier from making compromises must get a grip before it’s too late.

With Boris Johnson and his Vote Leave gang at the heart of government, Britain will happily walk away from talks if they don’t prove fruitful.

Hardline EU states blocking Michel Barnier from making compromises must get a grip

And it will be EU leaders — already dealing with the fallout from lockdown — facing the music of a no deal Brexit at the ballot box.

The UK is asking for a fair deal from the EU27 — hardly different to that which has been agreed by Canada or Japan.

It’s time stubborn European politicians swallowed their pride.