Prince Andrew still cant be quizzed by FBI yet as the proper paperwork hasnt been filed, says source


PRINCE Andrew still cannot be quizzed by the FBI regarding Jeffrey Epstein yet as no one has written to the British Embassy to request an interview, an embassy source has revealed.

The news follows yesterday’s claim that US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George has refused to rule out questioning the Duke of York.

Prince Andrew still can’t be questioned by the US Virgin Islands attorney general

A British embassy source has confirmed that the British and US embassies still haven’t received a formal request in writing, so until they have that then the Prince cannot be interviewed.

Laura Goldman, who is still in touch with the billionaire paedophile’s alleged British ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell, told Sun Online: “Prince Andrew isn’t going to be questioned any time soon, because no one in the US has filed the proper paperwork.

“The US and the UK embassies have to have a formal request in writing, but my British embassy source tells me that they still haven’t received one.

“This must mean that they still can’t have enough evidence against him.

“Either that or President Trump has blocked it because he wants tea with the Queen again and he doesn’t want to upset her by allowing the FBI to quiz her favourite son.”

The news follows earlier claims that US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George has refused to rule refused to rule out questioning the Duke of York.

US Virgin Islands Attorney General Ms George yesterday refused to respond when she was asked specifically about him in her investigation into Epsteins child sex trafficking.

This mutual co-operation agreement is an essential part of the process before any UK citizen can be questioned by any US law enforcement officers.

Laura continued: “The US Attorney for the South District of New York Geoff Berman held a press conference in front of Jeffrey Epstein’s former home last month to shame Prince Andrew into answering questions – but he omitted something very important.

“He claims to have sent a letter directly to Prince Andrew’s lawyers, but this isn’t proper DoJ procedure. According to the DoJ’s own manual, the request to interview any foreign national, let alone a Prince, must be sent via the two countries’ embassies.

“My source at the British embassy says that no request to interview Prince Andrew has been received. I doubt one will be as long as Donald Trump is US President.

“I’m guessing that Trump’s own embarrassing ties to Epstein would come out if Prince Andrew was questioned. He did did host Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell on his Mar-a-Lago retreat in Florida.”

It comes after witness Steve Scully told HOAR on Sundayhe saw Andrew, 60, kissing and groping Virginia Roberts on Little St James in the Virgin Islands.

The IT contractor decided to speak out after the royal said he could not remember meeting Virginia.

The duke has always denied any wrongdoing.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman has refused to comment.

A spokesman for Geoffrey Berman has also refused to comment.


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