Prince Andrew was given young neurosurgeon by Jeffery Epstein during Mexico ranch visit says former housekeeper


PRINCE Andrew was given a young neurosurgeon by paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein on a jaunt to his US ranch, it is claimed.

An ex-employee at Epsteins sprawling ranch in New Mexico has made bombshell allegations that the under-fire duke spent three days at the estate with the beautiful medic.

Andrew visited the notorious paedo’s ranch
The Duke of York has been slammed for his lack of sympathy for Epstein’s victims

Deidre Stratton was a housekeeper at the Zorro Ranch when she claims Andrew visited alone in 2001- and says the young woman was paid by Epstein, according to the Mail.

Stratton alleges that during the visit, Andrew was kept company by an unnamed female doctor who she believes may have been on retainer from Epstein and that it was her job to entertain his guests – but that she was only guessing.

The bombshell claims come after The Queen hauled her son to Buckingham Palace to sack him from all royal duties.

Her Majestys extraordinary intervention came after intense lobbying from Prince Charles.

The Duke of York, under fire afterclaims he bedded a 17-year-oldand for his friendship with billionaire US paedophileJeffrey Epstein, will conduct no royal or public duties and will step back from all patronages.

He has also pledged to co-operate with authorities investigating Epstein, opening him up to serious criminal risk.

It was a drastic decision for the Queen becausePrince Andrewis her favourite son. And he is unlikely to return to a frontline royal role.

Despite Strattons claims, there is no suggestion that Andrew knew she was possibly on Epstein’s pay roll.

The Prince was summoned to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday

Prince Andrew latest news: The Duke of York was summoned to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday

Andrew had also been hit by scandal over his friendship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew had also been hit by scandal over his friendship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Andrews attempts to defend himself in a disastrous Newsnight interview were derided

Prince Andrew’s attempts to defend himself in a disastrous BBC Newsnight interview were derided

It was a drastic decision for the Queen to strip Andrew of his duties as he is believed to be her favourite son

It was a drastic decision for the Queen to strip Prince Andrew of his duties as he is believed to be her favourite son

Prince Andrew released a statement saying he had stepped back from public duties
Prince Andrew latest news: Prince Andrew released a statement saying he had stepped back from public duties

The former housekeeper added: At the time, Jeffrey had this, she supposedly was a neurosurgeon, quite young…beautiful, young and brilliant, and she stayed in the home with him.

At one point we had all these different teas and you could pick the teas that you wanted and she asked me to find one that would make Andrew horny.

I’m guessing she understood her job was to entertain him because I guess, the fear, I don’t know – the fear would be that Andrew would say no I didn’t really find her that attractive.

He would tell Jeffrey that and then she would be on the ropes.

Stratton said: I’m guessing that, another theory is, that Jeffrey had her on retainer and she knew what her job would be, should be, to make these people happy.

Sex was all they thought about. I mean, I know for sure that Jeffrey would ideally like three massages a day.

Massages being in air quotes. I don’t see how his guests wouldn’t know that.

She also gave an anecdote of the Duke insisting on making himself breakfast but burning his bacon and settling instead for croissants and green tea.

She went on: When I got up there later to tidy up you could smell burnt bacon and he was like I didn’t do so well.

He had like a croissant and green teas or something. I remember him trying to cook his own breakfast. Isn’t that cute? He couldn’t even fry bacon.

Stratton said Andrew stayed in a three bedroom lodge at the ranch during his stay.

There is no suggestion that the woman Andrew allegedly spent time with was underage.

Prince Andrewwill no longer receive his 249,000 Sovereign Grant allowancebecause that funds expenses for his official duties, such as travel.

But he will receive his income from the Queens private funds.

Her Majesty, 93, was seen at a function just 24 minutes after the Palace released the Prince Andrews bombshell statement on stepping down.

It followed days of media scrutiny after his attempts to defend himself in Saturdays disastrous Newsnight interview were derided.

A royal source said: The Queen was privately very disappointed with Prince Andrew, despite the public efforts to rally round.

Its wrong to think that she just accepted his version of events, that the interview had gone well and there was nothing to worry about.”


Meanwhile, Epstein victim Maria Farmer said today the paedos socialite pal Ghislaine Maxwell would recruit girls from New Yorks Central Park for her master.

Ms Farmer, who claims Epstein and Maxwell sexually assaulted her in 1996, said: I saw Ghislaine going to get the women. She went to places like Central Park.

“I was with her sometimes and she would say, Stop the car! She would dash out and get a child.

Maxwell and Prince Andrew deny all allegations of wrongdoing.

Andrew’s financial backers are also now cutting ties with the scandal-hit royal as five multi-million pound businesses have withdrawn from his pet charity project.

Banking giant Standard Chartered and Advertising Week Europe are the latest to say they will no longer be a partner of his business start-up project [email protected]

Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a US jail while awaiting trial for people trafficking

Sources say the Duke isn’t aware of the backlash around his repeated denials of any sexual relationship with Virginia Roberts

A lawyer demanded Andrew give a statement to FBI agents probing his paedophile pal Epstein

Sources also said the scandal had placed growing strain on the Queen, who is currently having to cope without retired Prince Philip


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