Prince Andrews sacked aide Amanda Thirsk was part of Dukes bizarre all-female inner circle dubbed Andys Angels


PRINCE Andrew’s inner circle of aides and advisers was an all-female team bizarrely dubbed “Andy’s Angels”, it has been revealed.

The “glamorous” and “powerful” team of women was headed by the Duke’s recently sacked right-hand-woman, Amanda Thirsk.

The Duke of York pictured with ‘angel’ Amanda Thirsk at the Chelsea Flower Show

The prince beams as he parties with American socialite Chris Von Aspen, pictured here hanging off of him in July 2008

In 2012, a courtier of the Prince is reported to have said: “We call them Andy’s Angels,” of the Dukes all-female team.

“Angels” include sacked Amanda Thirsk, who pushed for the Prince’s car-crash Newsnight interview, and ex-David Cameron staffer, Laura Hutchings.


Another of the so-called Angels, Charlotte Fern worked as an equerry and set the media ablaze at her appointment in early 2017 due to her apparent resemblance to the Prince’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson.

The Prince, who earned himself the nickname “Randy Andy” due to his apparent penchant for young, glamorous women, was pictured earlier this week with a set of socialites in St.Tropez in 2007 following his car-crash Newsnight interview.

He told host Emily Maitlis that public displays of affection – especially with female friends – weren’t really his thing.

But snaps soon surfaced of the Duke with his arms around various women.

One photo which garnered significant attention showed American socialite Chris Von Aspen leaning in to give his face a lick.

It is reported that Andrew asked Haitian artist Jeffrey Dread to introduce him to Von Aspen, telling the artist he thought the socialite was “incredibly beautiful.”

It is reported Amanda Thirsk, one of ‘Andy’s Angels’ pushed for his car-crash Newsnight interview

The Prince claimed he wasnt really into PDAs


According to the Evening Standard, Dread says: “He was so smitten by her, it was incredible. He said, ‘Oh my God, your friend is beautiful. Can you introduce me?”

It was also reported earlier this week that one of Andrew’s buddies – known as “the Hugh Hefner of Canada” – had paid off women who accused him of sexual harassment, and the prince had stayed with him in the Bahamas following the claims.

And yesterday, a former lapdancer came forward to claim he had “blown a raspberry”on her boobs at one of paedophile Jeffrey Epsteins parties.

The woman alleges Andrew buried his face in her cleavage and suggested she should be in a porn mag for “big-breasted women.”

The emerging and controversial claims come following Andrew’s sacking and withdrawal of his royal duties over links to billionaire paedophile and womaniser Jeffrey Epstein.

The Queen ordered Andy and his “Angels” – including Amanda Thirsk – to pack up their desks and get out of Buckingham Palace as the Prince was suspended from his royal duties.

However, HOAR exclusively revealed Thirsk would be kept on in private employment by Andrew himself.

Prince Andrew’s representatives declined to comment.

The Prince was quizzed on Newsnight over claims he bedded then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts – which he denies

Hes been dropped by various companies and charities over links to billionaire paedo Epstein

Prince Andrew pictured with Aurelia Cecil in 1999

Andrew with model friend, Alexandra Escat in 2010

Sacked Thirsk will continue to work for Andrew


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