Prince Charles to fund Prince Harry and Meghan for a year before Megxit deal is reviewed


PRINCE Charles will fund the Sussexes for a year before a “review” of the pair’s “abdication” deal that was last night put forward by the Queen and the Palace, a source has claimed.

It is reported that those close to the couple are becoming increasingly worried about the costs of their lifestyle – including security arrangements – and so the Prince has offered to put his hand in his own pocket.

Prince Charles speaks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey last year

The loan will come from the Prince of Wales’ own personal investments, and not the Duchy of Cornwall.

The financial support is purely a case dad lending some cash to his son and young family, and not part of their “abdication deal” sources told The Telegraph.

A source close to Charles is also said to have suggested the Prince’s personal cash stash is by no means bottomless.

The family will then meet in a year to discuss the Sussexes’ finances amid concerns about the costs of their lifestyles.

This is especially necessary if Meghan and Harry plan to take on any of the number of lucrative commercial deals that will no doubt be waved in front of them now they are no longer “working members of the royal family”.

The Telegraph’s source also described the pair’s security arrangements as a “mess”.

They suggested arrangements could cost millions, with a minimum of 500,000 per individual not including travel, reconnaissance and home security.

The source tells The Telegraph: “It’s a huge mess,” with a senior former officer adding: “If they increase the risk on themselves while doing all sorts of exciting things that make them a large amount of money, should that be part of the security deal or should the costs be borne by them rather than the state.

Sources say there is “no way” the Met will be allowed to operate with firearms on North American shores and suggested that Canada may have to foot the bill and invoice the UK.

Now they are no longer in use of their HRH titles, questions are also being asked about how likely it is the couple will be able to operate their lucrative Sussex royal brand – which features on their social media accounts and flash new website.

According to The Telegraph, an aide said that outstanding issues such as the Sussex Royal branding were now in the gift of the family to decide.

The questions are raised as the Queen has “firmly but fairly” put her foot down and seperated Meghan and Harry from the crown.

She is said to have reminded the pair they serve the Monarchy, not the monarchy them – but truly wishes them all the best.

Harry and Meghan are going it alone

A source says its impossible for the Met to protect the royals on North American shores


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