Prince Harry and Meghan Markles axed royal aides felt undermined by their celebrity pals


PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle’s axed royal aides felt undermined by their celebrity pals, it has been claimed today.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex cut 15 staff members in January – one of the surest signs they plan never to return to Britain long-term.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s staff went through ‘trying times’ during Megxit

And it has since been claimed the couple’s team were put through “trying times” in the lead up to Megxit.

A source told the Daily Mail the “loyal” staff had “done their best against a backdrop of multiple international advisers, publicists and high-profile friends” acting for Meghan and Harry.

A number of celebs have spoken out about the couple since their wedding – regularly weighing in on media coverage and their future.

Just one example is when five close friends spoke with People magazine to defend Meghan Markle over her relationship with her dad – claiming she had written to him begging him to stop “victimising” her.

But the move backfired, with Thomas Markle later releasing the letter.

Her estranged dad claimed the five-page letter had been a “dagger to the heart” which left him “devastated”.

The letter has now become the subject of a landmark lawsuit asMeghan Markle pursues legal action against the Mail on Sunday, claiming they unlawfully published the privately penned piece.

Other celebs have also spoken out about the couple, with George Clooney – who attended their May 2018 wedding – saying Meghan “knows how to handle” the press.

Elton John also weighed in to defend the couple when they were criticised for taking four private jets in just 11 days.

Oprah Winfrey also praised Meghan for being “warm and loving”.


Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, had announced in January they were quitting as royals in a bombshell announcement before holding talks with the Queen of how their new lives would work.

The couple fled with baby Archie to Canada where they are currently holed up in an 11million mansion on Vancouver Island.

And they have now cut ties with much of their UK team, after reports Meghan hadhired a US-team of agents and publicists that worked with her during her days as an actress.

It is believed that while a couple of their team may find work in the royal household, the bulk will now be negotiating their redundancy packages.

Senior members of the royal family, including the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William were said to be aware of the office closure and redundancies.

Among those reportedly axed were communications chief Sara Latham – who previously worked for the Obamas, and newly appointed private secretary Fiona Mcilwham.

Assistant communications secretary Marnie Gaffney is also understood to be leaving.

She helped organise the Sussexes’ successful tours in Australia and Africa and the Queenm made her a member of the Royal Victorian Order as a thank you for her devoted service.

The other press officer to reportedly lose her job is Julie Burley, who worked for Harry, William and Kate on their Heads Together mental health campaign.

Harrys programme co-ordinator Clara Loughran, who was asked to hand Meghan her bouquet on her wedding day, will lose her position, it’s reported.

And social media expert David Watkins who was poached from Burberry in August will also go.

A source said the close-knit team were rocked by the news and described them as loyal to a fault.

The insider added: They are all good people, very loyal and brilliant at their jobs, and everyone feels incredibly sorry for them.

It comes as reports claimed Harry is much happier and more relaxed in Canada and has no regrets about quitting the Royal Family.

An insider told US Weekly: Harrys much happier in Canada and feels a lot more relaxed.

So far he doesnt regret the move.

Among those given the chop is Harrys programme co-ordinator Clara Loughran
Sara Latham director of communications for Harry and Meghan is another high-profile staffer to be axed
Social media expert David Watkins who was poached from Burberry in August will also go
Assistant communications secretary Marnie Gaffney, pictured, getting an honour from the Queen, is also understood to be leaving
Newly appointed private secretary Fiona Mcilwham has been axed

Meghan has been enjoying the move to Canada and has ‘no regrets’

Meghan has been enjoying yoga sessions and cooking for Archie since moving to Canada

 The couple are now settling into their home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor
Harry, Meghan and Archie used to live Frogmore Cottage in Windsor
Meghan and Harry are holed up in the impressive mansion
Meghan and Harry are holed up in an impressive 11m mansion on Vancouver Island


  1. Having dealt with several mentally ill persons born into and who married into my family, I can say with all most 100% certainty that it matters not how far one bends backward to help or satisfy their demands, you’ll lose. All friend’s they use to “defend” them will be villains at days end. All who’ve spoken up for the Sussex’s to date are finding this out. I’ll say that I’m amazed the royal family seem to have been taken in by the American. The American has, by premeditation, carefully created a lavish prison for her spouse and child. Narcissism and self-pity is rampant in the relationship.
    Whatever efforts have been done from love to help, encourage, to create a close relationship – have failed. Efforts will be twisted, turned back on the giver, lied about by the ill person(s). Depending on the severity of the mental illness, there will be malicious manipulation, extortion and irreparable division in a family. Mental illness is perplexing and emotionally wrenching. The royal family has the monetary means to “hide an Idiot in the attic”, as in past history. Thankfully this is no longer done.
    The Sussex’s don’t want “family”. The world sees this. They only want all of the royal families money they can lay hands on, publicity with false coverage but on their terms. Allow them their freedom. Earn their money whoever they may (Ms. Markle taking her clothes off in front of a camera and entire crew, in the past is nothing new.) There may be secrets in the royal family. Any books written must have to include contracts to print verifiable information, whereas all her nudity on camera will speak for itself. Fear not. Allow tough love to prevail. Cut all ties (money and any contact) and go on with your lives.


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