Royal Family news latest – Queen faces ‘AWKWARD showdown’ with Prince Harry over his Remembrance Sunday event plans


THE Queen and Prince Harry are reported to be facing a Remembrance Sunday showdown after making very different plans for the day.

Last year the Royal Family were said to been left less than impressed when Harry and Meghan Markle staged his own war graves photoshoot of Remembrance Sunday, distracting from the family’s official commemorations in London.

In the run-up to this year’s event, the Queen has been forced to cancel a number of major in-person events – including COP26 meeting of world leaders – in order to ensure she’s able to attend the Remembrance Sunday memorial.

Despite Remembrance Sunday clearly meaning a huge amount to Her Majesty, Prince Harry is said to be planning another US-based event this year royal expert Daniela Elser to critcise him in her new piece for

“With last year’s defiant war graves move having seemingly failed to impress the powers that [Prince Harry] back in London, his decision to take part in another prominent outing around this event does have a certain provocative edge to it.

“If there is one word that comes to mind here it’s ‘uncowed.’ Harry’s refusal to relinquish any stake in the annual commemoration can be read in part as something of a laying down of the gauntlet given that events around Remembrance Day are always a red letter engagement for the royal family.”

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