Royals latest LIVE – Prince William and Harry’s long forgotten step-sister now quietly attending all major royal events


PRINCE WILLIAM and Harry’s often forgotten step-sister is now a regular at major royal events.

While many know William and Harry as perhaps the most famous siblings in the world – most people seem to forget they have two step-siblings.

That is because Prince Charles‘ second wife after Princess Diana is Camilla Parker Bowles who was also married before and had kids of her own.

As a result her two children Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes are Prince William and Harry’s step-siblings.

While Tom is fairly well known as a successful food writer and judge on TV cookery shows, Laura flies much more under the radar, founding and managing art galleries.

But although she keeps a low profile, Laura has embraced royal duties and is now a regular fixture at many top events in the court calendar.

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