Sarah Ferguson fell for Prince Andrews wit, charm, looks during lunch messing around with chocolate profiteroles


ASKED about the moment she fell for Prince Andrew, a newly-engaged Sarah Ferguson revealed it was over lunch at Ascot where they messed around with chocolate profiteroles.

The Duchess of York, then 27, said she admired the Duke’s “wit, looks, charm” during the occasion, which was organised by a match-making 25-year-old Princess Diana.

Sarah Ferguson said she fell for Prince Andrew’s “wit, charm, looks” over chocolate profiteroles

During their engagement interview in 1986, they were asked about their 1985 meeting at Ascot where their romance first bloomed.

“We were made to sit next door to each other at lunch at Ascot,” recalled Andrew, then 26 years old – who just weeks before had proposed to the daughter of elder brother Prince Charles’s polo manager, Major Ronald Ferguson, at Floors Castle in Scotland.

Sarah interjected: “He made me eat chocolate profiteroles which I did not want to eat at all.”

The prince joked: “I then didn’t have any. So I got hit. And it [the relationship] started from there.”

The Duke and Duchess of York met in 1985 at Ascot (pictured)

The meeting was set up by a match-making Princess Diana (pictured with her brother-in-law that year)

Laughing, the future Duchess added: “I was meant to be on a diet.”

They were then asked what they liked about one another, with Sarah replying: “Wit, charm, looks.”

Andrew added: “Red hair.”

The pair – who wed in July 1986 – first met at a polo match as children.

They married in July 1986

The pair remain close (pictured in June of this year at Ascot)

They welcomed second daughter Princess Eugenie in 1990 (pictured at her wedding in 2018)

They were then reintroduced, according to The Times, by Diana, who had married the Prince of Wales four years’ previously, and who was friends with Sarah.

Their first daughter, Princess Beatrice, now 31, arrived in 1988, with Princess Eugenie, now 29, following in 1990.

Andrew, now 59, and Sarah, also 59, separated in 1992 before divorcing in 1996.

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