Sarah Ferguson slammed for snubbing flood-hit Yorkshire to help Venice


FLOOD victims have lashed out at the Duchess of York after she offered to help Venice while snubbing them.

Hundreds of people have been left homeless after days of heavy rains led to villages across Yorkshire and Derbyshire being flooded.

The Duchess of York has offered to help flood-hit Venice while snubbing YORK

And many were left stunned after being told the Duchess of York had collared a council official in Venice and been video-asking how to help the Italian city instead of affected Brits.

One villager in one of the worst hit villages of Fishlake, Yorkshire, which has been partly cut off by floods stormed: She’s the Duchess of York – well how about some help for people in Yorkshire as opposed to Italy?

In the video Sarah is seen attending a function in Venice which was also hit by floods last week and collaring local councillor Massimiliano De Martin.

Standing next to former model Jodie Kidd, the Duchess asks a bemused looking MR De Martin, who clearly speaks no English, what people can do to help.

The Duchess says: We’ve come to Venice to see how we can possibly get the message out, to see how people can help you, we came from a function but we’ve seen the situation and we would like to help you. How can people out there help you?

He then answers in Italian explaining the environmental impact of climate change on the city with the Duchess – who is not thought to speak Italian – nodding her hand as she listens to him.


During the weekend trip to Venice – which was to attend the launch of Geox Dragon Formula E car – the Duchess was also snapped singing in the rain with Jodie Kidd as they posed next to a lampost holding an umbrella.

When told of the video another local in Fishlake stormed: It’s one rule for them and another for us. Just because we are up North she’s obviously not bothered about us but because Venice is a fancy Italian city then she’s happy to make an appeal for them.

Why doesn’t she put her wellies on and come up here and see what normal folk have had to put up with the last few weeks. Just because we don’t have fancy palaces and canals doesn’t mean we aren’t suffering as much as people in Venice.

Flood-hit families are facing more misery at Christmas, with warnings that the soaked ground in some areas will not take much more rain.

More than 100 flood alerts for rain swollen rivers are still in place across the country as forecasters predict more torrential deluges heading in from the Atlantic this week to add to the misery of thousands.

Yesterday the Environment Agency said: River flooding is expected to continue in the Lower River Don washlands area in South Yorkshire through to at least Tuesday, where properties will continue to flood and there will be continued travel disruption.

The EA added that river flooding is also expected for Evesham in Worcestershire and residents should be braced for properties to be affected and travel to be disrupted.

They also warned that local river flooding is also “possible” in parts of South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and parts of the Midlands and in Oxfordshire.

Sarah Ferguson was seen prancing around a lamppost in Venice with Jodie Kidd in a Dancing in the Rain skit

A flooded home in Fishlake, South Yorkshire, where one villager stormed: ‘How about some help for people in Yorkshire?’

Mark Sengelon’s home in Fishlake, South Yorkshire, submerged in water after the floods


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